Comment Policy

Streaming Better offers news and resources to help consumers better navigate the complicated world of streaming, and a valuable part of our approach is the interaction with visitors to the website. Each time a comment is left, it helps us to better understand someone’s experience with streaming, the pain points they’ve encountered, and the things they’d like to see changed. However, in order to provide an enjoyable and productive experience for all, we have implemented some policies relating to comments.

While every comment is appreciated, not all comments can be published. Any comments that are not in line with the policies outlined below will not be published. All comments are moderated before they are visible on the site. This manual moderation process can take up to 1 business day (sometimes longer), so please only post the same comment once.


The comments section is designed to be a useful source of information so we take the issues of SPAM seriously. We do use software to detect SPAM and this happens before the manual moderation process. Any comments deemed to be SPAM won’t be published. Any comments deemed to be designed to intentionally promote a company/business/website won’t be published.

External links

Streaming Better does not allow the use of external links in comments. While links to other websites and forums can often be helpful, this policy helps us to fight against SPAM. It also helps us to ensure the information we provide is useful. Any external links added to a comment will be removed before publication. If a reader feels there is information elsewhere which could be useful to the article, it is better to contact us with the link rather than adding it to a comment.

Value and asking for help

A very common issue with comments is people asking for help. As importantly, the comments section is also a place where other readers look for help with an issue they have. Due to this, it is important that comments actually add value to the conversation. The comments section is not the best place to ask a question that’s not directly related to the article topic. In addition, comments like “cancel my subscription” are not useful. If you would like help with a specific situation, contact us. Please keep in mind that Streaming Better is not in a position to make changes to someone’s services or subscriptions.

Personal information

We strongly encourage all readers to avoid sharing any personal information. This includes location, email addresses, or anything else that is specific to them personally. Readers are not required to enter any information to post a comment other than the comment itself. There’s no need to even add a name to the comments form. Simply leave the name field blank and the comment will show up as “Anonymous.” For those that do wish to add a name, that’s fine. However, we encourage only using a first name, nickname or alias.

Be respectful

Streaming is not always easy and we understand that consumers are often frustrated by a service not working the way it should or the way they would like. However, we strongly advise all visitors to be respectful. This is not only to Streaming Better, the author, and other commenters, but also streaming services as well. Feel free to voice your frustration or argue a point, but please do so in a respectful way.

All rights reserved

Streaming Better and its staff reserve the right to make changes or remove any and all comments. We also reserve the right to block individual users or groups from commenting on individual posts and the website as a whole.

Comment responsibility

All comments made on Streaming Better are the responsibility of the commenter. They do not represent the author of the article or Streaming Better. By submitting a comment you agree that the contents of the comment are your own. You also agree not to hold Streaming Better and its representatives responsible for any repercussions, damages, or liability.

If you have any questions regarding this comment policy, please contact us.