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Hulu’s New Audio & Video Badges Make It Easier to Find 4K & HDR Content

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Hulu has now expanded its badge system to provide more information on the audio and visual enhancements available with a movie or show episode. The changes are already understood to have gone live, although it is currently unclear if they are supported on all devices.

Hulu already had a badge system in place where symbols are used to provide additional information. For example, badges were already available for ‘new’ content, as well unwatched episodes from a show the subscriber had already started, but not finished. In addition, there was also already a badge for any content that’s streaming live, as well as for shows and movies that are expiring soon.

In addition to those badges, Hulu has now confirmed it has added similar badges to display the audio and video benefits available with a title. As an example, if a show episode or movie supports 5.1 surround sound or is available to watch in 4K Ultra HD, the Details page will now display badges indicating the premium audio or visual support

Hulu visual badges
Source: Hulu

Available now, but possibly not for everyone

Although Hulu has now confirmed the latest badges are available, there is no firm information on whether they are available to all subscribers. Some devices may require an update to gain the new feature, while others may not support badges to begin with. For reference, Hulu already has two apps — ‘classic’ and ‘latest’ — and devices tend to either support one or the other.

Due to this, those with a device that’s resigned to the classic app, usually do not receive all of the same features available to devices using the latest app. For those unsure of which app version they are using, it might be safe to assume that if a device was previously showing any of the other badges, then it is also likely to also show the new audio and visual badges as well.

However, there is a slight difference in presentation here to be aware of. The previous badges were all designed to show up in the home and navigation screens, so the user is aware that something is ‘new’ or ‘live’ before actually entering the title’s page. In contrast, these audio and video enhancement badges are only currently visible on the actual Details page.

While slightly more hidden, the new audio and visual badges should make it easier for Hulu subscribers to easily identify content that comes with support for the audio and visual enhancements that match their individual home setup.

Source: Hulu

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