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Netflix’s New ‘My Netflix’ Is a Shortcut To Everything You


My Netflix section

Netflix has now added a My Netflix section to its mobile apps in a bid to provide subscribers with more of a one-stop location that houses any and all of the content that they might want to watch.

Netflix offers a good amount of movies, shows, and additional content for subscribers to consume at any time, and it is constantly adding new titles every month. At times, there can be so much content available that it becomes hard to keep track of the titles you might be most interested in watching.

This is where the new My Netflix section is supposed to come in and help. Currently only available on iOS mobile devices, My Next is described as a “one-stop shop tailored to you with easy shortcuts to help you choose what you want to watch.”

According to Netflix, My Netflix will also begin rolling out to Android mobile users in early August.

Once the subscriber clicks on the My Netflix shortcut, they will be directed to a dedicated space where they can then access any content they’ve added to a watch list, their downloads, and even any movies and shows that were previously thumbed up.

Subscribers will also find that the new My Netflix section includes other content that they’ve shown a preference towards in the past, including trailers they’ve watched, reminders they’ve set, movies and shows that they haven’t finished watching yet, recently watched titles, and more.

Basically, Netflix has consolidated many other areas of the app (Downloads, My List, Continue Watching, and so on) into a new single location in an attempt to make it easier for subscribers to find something they might be more interested in watching, based on their past habits and preferences.

The new My Netflix section can be found as a shortcut on the bottom-row mobile menu alongside Home and New & Hot. As the new section includes downloaded content, it is replacing the Downloads shortcut in the bottom menu bar.

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