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Philo Is Adding AMC+ But Increasing The Base Plan Price



Philo is increasing the price of its base plan to $28 a month on June 12, resulting in a $3 price increase. According to Philo, the price increase only affects new and returning subscribers. Those that are already subscribed to the live TV service won’t see their price increase.

One of the interesting things about Philo is that its subscribers have never encountered a price increase. Even though the price has increase multiple times over the years, the service has always ensured that existing subscribers continue to pay the price they agreed to when signing up. As existing subscribers are exempt this time as well, that approach will continue with the latest price increase.

That said, some existing subscribers may opt to pay the higher price as, along with the price increase, Philo is also adding AMC+ to its new Core package. In other words, all subscribers to the new $28 plan will get access to all of the existing Philo base content as well as all of the content available through AMC+. Existing subscribers will be able to upgrade to the new Core package once it goes live on June 12, 2024.

For reference, Philo is including the ad-supported version of AMC+ with its base package. For those that want an ad-free AMC+ experience, it is possible to upgrade for an additional $4 a month, taking the overall total up to $32 a month.

According to Philo, the MGM+ ($7/month), Movies and More ($3/month), and Starz ($10/month) add-ons all all unaffected by this latest price increase.

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