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Zeam: The New Local Streaming Service Explained


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Zeam is a new streaming service that’s focused on live, local television. Whether it is local news, sports, weather, or community events, Zeam is looking to become the new go-to streaming service for many homes across the U.S.

Over the years, we have seen many services launch in an attempt to capitalize on the need for local TV. Locast was one of the most well-known services, but that streaming service found itself the subject of a lawsuit, and ultimately shut down in 2021.

More recently, Cox launched its Neighborhood TV service for those in need of access to really local news. Now, Zeam is here to offer homes another option for streaming local TV over the internet.

What can you watch on Zeam?

Zeam’s tagline is “always local, always free” and that appears to be a good way of viewing what’s on offer here. After all, it is a free streaming service, and one that’s focused on delivering access to local news, weather and more.

Zeam Home
Zeam Home screen

The service currently brings together content from around 300 stations across the United States. As a result, homes in almost every city in the U.S. should find they can access local news, weather and programming. Not to mention, programming from popular providers and station owners, including Gray Television, CBS, and Hearst, among others.

One of the interesting things about Zeam is that even though it attempts to surface content based on the viewer’s location, it also includes an All Stations feature, making it possible to select a station from a different city and keep up to date on what’s happening there.

In addition to all of the live stations and channels, Zeam is also home to a selection of on-demand content as well. Not only is it possible to watch specific shows, but also documentaries and events where available, including replays of high school sports events.

Do you have to pay for Zeam?

No, Zeam is a completely free streaming service so there is no subscription to pay for each month or year, and you don’t even need to create an account to start Zeaming. Instead, you can just head over to the website (or download the app) and start watching content tailored to your local area.

Zeam live TV
Zeam live TV

While no account or subscription is required, Zeam does offer the option to create an account anyway. Again, no payment is needed, so creating an account doesn’t require any payment method on file. Instead, the account is used to further personalize the experience, through access to additional features like favorites.

How to watch Zeam

As this is a streaming service, Zeam does require access to a compatible device. At present, the list of supported devices includes the following:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Android (mobile and tablet)
  • iOS mobile (iPhone and iPad)
  • Roku (players and TVs)
  • Web

As this is a new streaming service, it is expected that more devices will gain support in the future. However, there’s currently no word on when or which devices will gain support next.

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