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Amazon’s Latest Echo Show 8 Costs $149 And Ships Next Month


New Echo Show 8

Amazon now has a new smart display for you to consider, the 2023 Echo Show 8. The latest model refines the design and boasts improvements in the camera, sound, and smart home departments.

Over the years, Amazon has released a number of smart displays under the Echo Show banner, with the choice mainly coming down to size. The last Echo Show 8 was released in 2021 and marked the second generation in the lineup.

Today Amazon announced the third-generation Echo Show 8 smart display. The latest model is available to pre-order today and costs $149.99. According to Amazon, the 2023 Echo Show 8 is due to begin shipping out to buyers from next month.

One of the improvements with the new model is the device’s adaptive Home screen and ability to sense how far away someone is.

When nearby, the new Echo Show 8 utilizes more of a touch-friendly interface, but as someone gets further away, the screen adapts to more of a basic design, featuring essential elements like a clock display or simplified headlines.

Naturally, with the Echo Show 8 being an Echo device, Amazon as also looked to improve the audio abilities, with the new model offering a wider and more immersive sound experience, and the ability to sense the acoustics of the space and fine-tune the sound accordingly.

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