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Comedy Central, MTV, Nick, Nick Jr. and Paramount Network TV Everywhere Apps Are Being Discontinued


Comedy Central TV Everywhere app discontinued

The Comedy Central, MTV, Nick, Nick Jr., and Paramount Network TV Everywhere apps are all shutting down soon. While existing users should begin receiving notifications of the change, those attempting to download any of these apps are already be warned they are being discontinued.

Over the past few months, Paramount has been in the process of closing down its Showtime service, with one of the more recent developments being the confirmation that the Showtime Anytime app is closing down later this month.

It appears Showtime Anytime won’t be the only app closing down soon. Streaming Better can confirm that the various app store listings for Comedy Central, MTV, Nick, Nick Jr. and Paramount Network have all been updated this week to confirm the change.

From what we can tell, the app listings are still in the process of being updated. For example, while the Comedy Central and MTV apps on the Google Play Store (1, 2), Amazon Appstore (1, 2), Apple App Store (1, 2), and Roku Channel Store (1, 2) have all been updated, the Nick and Nick Jr. app listings on Apple’s App Store have yet to be updated. They have, however, been updated on the Amazon App Store, Google Play Store, and Roku Store to confirm their closure.

In the case of Comedy Central, MTV, and Paramount Network, all of the screenshots have also been replaced with images further confirming the closure of the apps.

MTV TV Everywhere app discontinued

As the images, and the listings explain, shows and programming from these services can continue to be watched directly through a live TV provider’s app or through the channel’s website. Not to mention, a good amount of content from these brands can also now be watched directly through the Paramount+ app with an active subscription.

For those currently using any of these TV Everywhere apps, it is unclear as to when they will fully be discontinued and stop working. However, with the Showtime Anytime app due to close down on Dec. 14, we wouldn’t be surprised if the other TV Everywhere apps are discontinued around the same time.

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