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FilmRise Faith and Inspiration Launches With Hundreds Of Hours of Free Content


FilmRise Faith and Inspiration app

FilmRise has confirmed the launch of a new FilmRise Faith and Inspiration streaming app that’s free to use and comes loaded with hundreds of hours of faith-based and inspirational content.

FilmRise has been on a bit of an expansion of late. It was only a few weeks ago when the company launched a new FilmRise for Her app that unlocked access to feel-good rom-coms, hit movies with lead actresses, female-led true crime, and more.

This is, of course, all in addition to the standard FilmRise app that’s available to download and offers the option to watch a varied selection of full-length movies and TV shows for free.

Now, the company is back again with its latest app – FilmRise Faith and Inspiration. Just like the standard FilmRise and FilmRise for Her services, FilmRise Faith and Inspiration also doesn’t offer any subscription options. Instead, this is a service and app that’s completely free to access and use.

Also similar to how the FilmRise for Her app was designed with feel-good content in mind, the new FilmRise Faith and Inspiration app offers access to a selection of “faith-affirming series, holiday hits, inspirational movies and enriching family content.”

According to FilmRise, the app includes page-to-screen adaptations directly from the Bible, inspirational coming-of-age stories, and modern-day secular titles. This is in addition to a selection of titles that are suitable for kids while maintaining the app’s core principles.

For those interested in checking the new service out, FilmRise Faith and Inspiration is available to download on a variety of platforms and devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Roku players and TVs, Samsung smart TVs, and LG Channels.

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