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You Can Stream Yellowstone Season 5 On Peacock Later This Month


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If you’ve been waiting for the final season of Yellowstone to arrive, we now have a firm date and confirmation that Peacock is where you can catch season 5. Well, that’s the first eight episodes, as there are still some unknowns about the rest of the season.

Season 5 has already been shown on live TV, but for those without a live TV plan, the wait to catch the first set of episodes has gone on. The wait for season 5, in particular, has been even longer than usual.

It has now been confirmed that all eight episodes will begin to become available to stream from May 25th on Peacock. It is worth keeping in mind that these eight episodes are only the first half of season 5. At present, it remains unclear when the next half will begin filming, let alone make their way to a streaming service.

Compared to many other shows, and in spite of its popularity, Yellowstone has always been one that’s much harder to know where to stream. Even though it is a Paramount show, and new episodes are shown on the Paramount Network channel, Peacock (and not Paramount Plus) is currently the official streaming home of Yellowstone.

In the past, this has meant that homes would need a live TV plan that includes access to Paramount Network for the latest episodes and a Peacock subscription to watch the previous seasons.

Starting from May 25, and up until we know more about what’s happening with the second half of season 5, you’ll be able to stream every episode of Yellowstone released (so far) on Peacock.

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