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First TCLtv+ Original Movie Is An AI-Generated Love Story — Here’s The Trailer

A still from Next Stop Paris, a TCLtv Plus original AI-generated short movie.

TCLtv+, the streaming service offered by TCL, has confirmed the launch of its new production studio, TCLtv+ Studios. What’s more, the first original title to be released through the studio will be Next Stop Paris, a short AI-generated romance movie.

While Next Stop Paris uses professional voiceover actors and an original script, the movie heavily relies on the use of artificial intelligence. TCLtv+ hasn’t announced a release date for Next Stop Paris yet, but did confirm the short film will be available to stream online and through the TCLtv+ streaming app in the summer.

In the meantime, here’s the trailer for TCLtv+’s Next Stop Paris.

Next Stop Paris doesn’t appear to be a one-off, with TCLtv+ Studios seemingly intent on focusing more heavily on the use of AI-generated content in general. At the same time, the studio will also produce traditional scripted and unscripted projects as well.

TCL is leading the future of television that will make watching content on TCLtv+ a deeper, more dimensional experience, bridging the gap between rapidly changing tech to enhance storytelling,” said Haohong Wang, General Manager, TCL Research America.“ The launch of the TCLtv+ Studio solidifies our commitment and investment in original production, providing an opportunity for exploration in genre bending formats that will help differentiate ourselves in a busy landscape.”

As a reminder, TCLtv+ is a completely free streaming service. Similar to the streaming services offered by LG, Samsung and Vizio, TCLtv+ brings together a collection of free on-demand content and live FAST channels. The service is currently available in the U.S. and Canada on TCL televisions powered by Google TV, and is set to launch on TCL sets powered by Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV in the future.

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