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25 Christmas Movies You Can Stream For Free This December

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With Christmas approaching, many homes will be looking to watch and even re-watch their favorite festive movies. While many of the most popular Christmas movies will require a live TV plan or subscription service, there are plenty that can be watched without having to pay a monthly fee. For example, this guide includes 25 Christmas movies that are currently available to watch completely for free in December 2022.


As you’ll probably notice, the majority of the free-to-watch Christmas movies listed below are available to stream on Pluto TV, Tubi, or both. As these streaming services offer free access to movies and episodes throughout the year, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that they are also some of the best places to watch festive movies during the holidays as well.

Not only are these movies available to watch for free, but most of them won’t require the user to create an account or sign in to watch. However, creating an account might be worth it for some homes, and especially those that want to add multiple Christmas movies to a watchlist or continue watching a festive movie at a later time.


Free Christmas movies: December 2022

The list below does not include every Christmas movie you can watch for free this December. Instead, it is focused on many of the most popular ones that are currently available to watch without a paid subscription.

Christmas movies you can watch for free:

If you’re not sure which one to watch, Scrooged is always a popular option at this time of year. This may be an old Christmas movie, but it is a classic, and provides a different take on the popular A Christmas Carol story.

Looking for something a little newer (and different)? Anna and the Apocalypse won’t be for everyone, but its focus on the residents of a British town singing their way through a Christmas zombie invasion makes for a unique festive movie.

If you’re still undecided then it is also worth noting that Pluto TV offers a variety of live channels including the Pluto TV Christmas channel. This live channel will be continuously playing family-friendly Christmas movies and specials throughout the holiday season.


Expect ads with these free Christmas movies

It should be pointed out that, as these are free streaming services, they do heavily rely on ads to generate revenue in replace of a monthly subscription. As a result, viewers can and should expect to see ads before and also during any of the movies listed above.

Exactly how frequent the ads will be, depends on the service and the length of the movie. In our own testing, we found Tubi is pretty good in terms of ad load and frequency, and better than Pluto TV. Due to this, homes may want to try Tubi out first for any of the movies listed above that are available to stream on both services. Of course, if a home already has Pluto TV installed on one of their devices, and are used to its ad frequency, then it makes sense to you that service.


Regardless of whether opting for Pluto TV, Tubi, YouTube, Plex, or The Roku Channel, free streaming services like these can be a great way to watch popular Christmas movies without having to sign up for another monthly subscription.

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