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Fubo Is Aware Of 4K ‘Funky Colors’ Issue, But No ETA On A Fix


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Watching Fubo in 4K currently seems to result in color and streaming issues on some devices. In spite of Fubo being aware of the problem, it remains unclear when the issue will be resolved.

Like most live TV services, Fubo’s 4K support is still a work in progress. At the moment, only subscribers to either the Elite or Premier plans have access to 4K on supported devices, and only for select national and regional events.

With the return of the Premier League this weekend, a number of subscribers have been tuning in to the 4K feeds to watch live games on NBC. The problem, however, a number of those same subscribers have noticed that the picture quality isn’t quite as good as they were expecting with 4K.

Fubo is aware of the issue and has been responding to various complaints on X (formerly Twitter). The main Fubo account, as well as the Fubo Canada and Fubo Support accounts, have all recently confirmed that “engineers are aware of the funky colors and streaming issues on 4K.”

Unfortunately, the same accounts are also confirming that “there is no ETA for a fix at the moment.”

From what we can tell, the issue doesn’t seem to be affecting any one device or platform. Instead, users have reported variations of the same problem on many different device types, including Apple TV 4K, Fire TV, and Nvidia Shield.

Without any firm suggestion on when the issue will be fixed, Fubo is currently recommending affected subscribers switch over to the regular stream when encountering the issue.

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