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HBO Max: Get Six Months for $69.99 (New & Returning Subscribers)

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HBO Max is currently offering new and returning subscribers the option to save 20-percent on the cost of a subscription when they sign up and pay for six months. Considering HBO Max typically costs $14.99 per month, this is a good opportunity to save, providing the consumer expects to stay subscribed for half a year.

The WarnerMedia streaming service launched in May of this year and provides access to a wide variety of shows and movies. The company has also confirmed that it will be adding more movies and shows over the coming months, with 2021 Warner Bros. titles set to land at the same time as theaters. However, the company has also recently removed the option of a free trial, forcing new customers to pay upfront to access and test out the streaming service.

HBO Max has now launched a $69.99 six-month subscription deal. With a subscription normally costing $14.99 per month, the savings work out to be $19.95 over the course of the six month period. For any consumers that expect to maintain a subscription for that length of time, the discounted subscription might be worth taking advantage of, as the monthly cost works out to be around $11.65 per month.

However, if subscribers are unsure whether this is the right service for them, then the discounted plan could prove to be a mistake. While it is easy enough to cancel HBO Max, this promotion requires an upfront payment and so, consumers will need to pay $69.99 regardless of whether they use the service or not during that time. HBO Max makes it very clear in the small print that the $69.99 is non-refundable.

Other HBO Max 6-month deal caveats

Besides the fact that consumers will need to pay for six months in advance, albeit at a discounted rate, there are other caveats to be aware of. The first is this is a limited time offer. The deal went live today (December 3, 2020) and is due to remain available up until January 15, 2021. Another caveat is the deal is exclusive of tax. If a consumer is liable for tax on a subscription, then they will need to factor that into the cost as well, especially as this is a six-month upfront payment.

This is also one of those promotions that will automatically result in the discounted subscription converting to a standard subscription. Therefore, unless the consumer cancels before the six months are up, they will automatically be billed at the standard $14.99 per month (plus applicable tax) rate for the month ahead.

To avoid this taking place, subscribers can either change the auto-renew option in the HBO Max account settings or simply cancel. For reference, canceling (even after immediately signing up) still allows the subscriber to stream HBO Max movies and shows for the remainder of the six-month paid period.

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Just try to get the 6 month deal and was told didn’t qualify, because I’m already a member, ok, it says new subscribers and returning member as far as I know I’m returning every month… this is bull, just want to pay in advance, just don’t like the month to month…payments..

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