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Hulu Deal Adds Showtime For $3.99 Per Month (First 3 Months)


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Showtime is currently just $3.99 per month when the premium network is added to any Hulu plan. This is a limited-time deal and one that only applies to the first three months. After which, it will continue to be billed at the usual rate unless removed.

The standard cost of a Showtime subscription is $10.99 per month when signing up to the premium network directly through the website. Showtime can also be bundled with some other services, and often at a much cheaper price. The best example of this is subscribing to Showtime through Paramount Plus, with the combined bundle price greatly reducing the cost of Showtime.

While Showtime can also be bundled with a Hulu plan, it doesn’t usually result in a cheaper price than signing up directly. However, that’s exactly what’s happening now thanks to a new limited-time deal that lowers the cost of Showtime to just $3.99 per month for the first three months.

This promotion seems to be available to all Hulu subscribers so it shouldn’t matter whether you are signed up to basic Hulu or Hulu with Live TV. To add Showtime at the reduced rate, log in to the Hulu website, navigate to the Account section, click on Manage Add-ons (under Your Subscription) and then add Showtime.

For reference, Hulu also offers the option to try Showtime for free for seven days and the option of a free trial is available to any subscribers signing up at the discounted rate. For those considering holding off before subscribing, this Showtime on Hulu promotion is currently due to end on April 16th, 2023.

Once again, the reduced rate is only for the first three months with the premium network auto-renewing at $10.99 per month unless canceled. In addition, and although this deal excludes those already signed up to Showtime through Hulu, it is available to ‘eligible returning’ Showtime subscribers as well as those adding the premium network to their Hulu plan for the first time.

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