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Hulu’s New ‘Top 15 Today’ Lists Show You The Most Popular Movies and TV Shows


Hulu Top 15 Today List

Hulu is the latest to introduce a ‘top’ feature with its new Top 15 Today lists showing subscribers the most popular movies and TV shows for that day.

Known for its ‘Top 10’ lists, Netflix has been advising subscribers of the most popular content on the platform for a few years now. Just last month, however, Max added its own Top 10 Movies and Top 10 Series rows to the app.

Now it is the time of Hulu. Today, Hulu is adding its own ‘Top 15 Today’ lists to the app, making it possible for subscribers to quickly and easily see which movies and TV shows are currently trending on the streaming service.

As the name suggests, these top movies and shows lists will be updated on a daily basis (between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. PT) to reflect what is the most popular content each day. According to the announcement, these lists are generated using “a formula that takes several factors into account, including viewership and the launching of new content.”

While “the launching of new content” would seem to suggest that the formula is designed to focus on newly-added content, Hulu’s entire on-demand catalog is eligible for inclusion in the list, and regardless of when an individual title was added.

For those interested in seeing what’s currently the most popular movies and shows on Hulu, the new Top 15 Today lists are due to begin showing up on the homepage starting today.

However, it is worth noting that these lists will only be visible when logged in to a main (Adult) profile and won’t be shown when logged in to a Kids profile.

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