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Max Adds Top 10 Movies and Series Rows To The App


Max Top 10 Movies

Max has starting adding Top 10 rows to the app to provide subscribers with an easy and quick way to see which movies and shows other subscribers are watching.

For those already subscribed to Netflix, this will already be a very familiar trending feature. Netflix added its Top 10 rows back in early 20202, and since then, the feature has regularly been used to highlight the most popular movies and shows available to watch on the streaming service.

Max subscribers can now expect a very similar experience, thanks to the launch of its Top 10 rows. Max’s new trending feature has already started to go live, and can be seen on the Home screen or by heading to either the Movies or Series sections of the app and scrolling down.

As explained in an X post announcing the feature, Max says that the new Top 10 rows update daily, so users will only see what everyone is watching today.

As an example, Max is currently showing the following movies as the Top 10 movies for today:

  1. The Flash
  2. BS High
  3. Get Hard
  4. Twister
  5. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
  6. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
  7. Avatar
  8. American Gangster
  9. Miss Congeniality
  10. Spaceballs

While Netflix has been offering its own Top 10 lists for years now, it recently changed the way it ranks the Top 10, offering an estimated number of views in addition to the total number of hours viewed.

According to Variety, Max’s Top 10 lists are based on the number of unique user profiles that watch a title, with a view only counted if at least two minutes of the video have been watched.

For those unable to find Max’s new Top 10s, Max says that it rolling out over the next week, and some users may need to update the Max app. In addition, Top 10 lists are only avaialble when logged in to an Adult profile.

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