Locast Arrives In Pittsburgh With Free Local Live TV Streaming

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Locast is now available to residents living in Pittsburgh. Locast is a service that allows users to stream local live TV channels over the internet for free. The addition of Pittsburgh continues Locast’s goal to expand to more cities and locations in the United States.

Locast first launched in New York City back in 2018. Since then, it has continued to expand to new areas, although the expansion is somewhat slow compared to other services. For example, the addition of Pittsburgh marks the 35th location to gain access to the service, with no indication of where will be next or when. Previously, Locast became available in Portland, Oregon in March, in the Tri-Cities area in May, and in both Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina and Columbus, Ohio in June.

Adding to the list of supported locations, Locast has now confirmed that residents in Pittsburgh are able to use the service to stream their local live channels over the internet. According to Locast, this latest expansion makes the service available to an additional one million residents living in the Pennsylvania TV market.

In total, Pittsburgh residents now have access to more than 40 local live TV channels, including WPXI NBC 11, WTAE ABC 4, KDKA CBS 2, WPGH FOX 53, PBS, and PBS Kids, as well as CourtTV, TrueCrime, CW, and more.

Locast does offer access to local live TV stations for free, but those opting to go the no cost route should expect to see donation-request interruptions when watching. Essentially Locast operates on a donation model where users can donate a minimum of $5 per month to help the service cover operational costs and expand to new areas. While the donation is optional, those not donating typically encounter interruptions requesting donations.

Regardless of whether donating, Locast remains an option worth trying and especially for those that either do not want to or can’t pay the higher costs for live TV streaming services. With access to Locast, users will be able to keep up to date on local news, weather, health-related updates, and sports through their local broadcast TV stations.

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Roku and Locast keeps saying that it is free, but it constantly asks for a $5.00 donation. That is not right to continue to ask for a donation after advertising that is it free. I am not happy about that. I was looking forward to having a free streaming app and not have to pay and now I am very disappointed that I was deceived. Who wants to watch an streaming channel that constantly ask you to donate.

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