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Marquee Sports Network’s DTC Subscription Is Now Available, Costs $19.99 a Month


Marquee Sports Network dtc subscription

Marquee Sports Network has now launched its direct-to-consumer (DTC) subscription service to provide in-market Cubs fans with an alternate way to watch live games and access original programming.

The arrival of a new DTC Marquee Sports Network streaming service was first confirmed last month. While no firm launch date was provided at the time, the suggestion was the new subscription option would likely become available at some point in July.

That’s exactly what has now happened. Marquee Sports Network has launched its streaming service and it costs $19.99 a month.

For those without a live TV plan that includes the channel, or those that are signed up to a plan that doesn’t include Marquee Sports Network, this new standalone subscription option offers a low-cost way for Cubs fans to watch games live.

For those interested in getting started, the new Marquee Sports Network subscription can be purchased either at or directly within the new Marquee Sports Network app.

This is the newer version of the same app that those with an existing live TV subscription (that includes the regional sports network) can access. Marquee Sports Network has confirmed those live TV subscribers will still be able to access the new app at no additional cost.

Regardless of whether a live TV or DTC subscriber, Marquee Sports Network says that the latest version of the app features “an improved user experience, including 1080p resolution video, and video on-demand content, including game highlights, interviews, documentaries, original programming and more.”

In addition to live Chicago Cubs games, app users can also expect access to pregame and postgame shows, exclusive Cubs-related content, local sports content, and more.

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