Netflix Releases Viewing Data For More Than 18,000 Titles (100 Billion Hours Viewed)

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Netflix has released a new report detailing viewership data for programming on the platform. What’s more, this is only the first report, with Netflix promising to release updated versions twice a year going forward.

The first biannual What We Watched: A Netflix Engagement Report covers January to June 2023, and focuses on hours viewed, release date, and scale of release (global vs domestic). While not dissimilar to Netflix’s Top 10 data, the new report is far more detailed.

For example, the first of these biannual reports covers more than 18,000 titles and nearly 100 billion hours viewed which, according to Netflix, represents 99% of all viewing on Netflix. For those interested in seeing all of the data, it is available to download as a .xlsx file.

For those simply interested in the top performing titles, here’s the top 20.

TitleHours ViewedRelease Date
The Night Agent: Season 1812,100,00023-03-2023
Ginny & Georgia: Season 2665,100,00005-01-2023
The Glory: Season 1622,800,00030-12-2022
Wednesday: Season 1507,700,00023-11-2022
Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story503,000,00004-05-2023
You: Season 4440,600,00009-02-2023
La Reina del Sur: Season 3429,600,00030-12-2022
Outer Banks: Season 3402,500,00023-02-2023
Ginny & Georgia: Season 1302,100,00024-02-2021
FUBAR: Season 1266,200,00025-05-2023
Manifest: Season 4262,600,00004-11-2022
Kaleidoscope: Limited Series252,500,00001-01-2023
Firefly Lane: Season 2251,500,00002-12-2022
The Mother249,900,00012-05-2023
Physical: 100: Season 1235,000,00024-01-2023
Crash Course in Romance: Limited Series234,800,00014-01-2023
Love Is Blind: Season 4229,700,00024-03-2023
BEEF: Season 1221,100,00006-04-2023
The Diplomat: Season 1214,100,00020-04-2023
Luther: The Fallen Sun209,700,00010-03-2023

It is worth noting that the report does exclude titles with fewer than 50,000 hours viewed, and only covers the first 6 months of this year. As a result, any titles released later in the first half of the year may not accurately represent their true performance.

Suits, for example, was widely reported to be a hit for Netflix. While the data points to 129 million hours viewed for season 1, the show only arrived on Netflix in June. In comparison, The Night Agent‘s 812 million hours viewed covers March through June. Likewise, Extraction 2 raked in over 200 million hours, also in spite of being released midway through June.

When the next biannual report is released, it would be expected that the total for both of these titles will be significantly higher.

The other interesting aspect is the effect of new seasons. For example, season 1 of Ginny & George was released in 2021 and raked in more than 200 million viewing hours between January and June 2023, presumably buoyed by the release of season 2 in January.

Similarly, 2020’s season 1 of Outer Banks generated 184 million hours viewed in the first six months of this year, also presumably the result of a bounce following the release of season 3 earlier in 2023.

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John Finn

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