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Netflix Subscribers Paying Through Apple Will Now Need To Pay Netflix Directly

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Netflix subscribers that have been paying for their subscription through Apple are about to find that payment method is no longer an option. Due to the change, affected subscribers will now need to change to a different payment method.

The option to pay for Netflix through Apple hasn’t been available for new and rejoining members for some time now. However, those that had already set Apple’s App Store or iTunes as a payment method before the 2018 change have continued to be able to use the same payment method to pay for their subscription.

That’s now in the process of changing. A Netflix help post has been updated to confirm that “some Apple-billed members in select countries may be prompted to add a new payment method to continue their subscription.” While the post suggests this change is being made to “some” members “in select countries,” Netflix has confirmed to The Verge that the inability to pay using iTunes billing now applies to all Basic plan members in Canada and the United States.

Essentially, unless a subscriber changes to a new payment method then they are likely to lose access to their account once the current billing cycle comes to an end.

When signing up to Netflix directly, and depending on the price a subscriber was previously paying through Apple, some subscribers may notice the prices have changed. Nowadays, Netflix offers three plans with the cheapest being the $6.99 Standard with ads plan. As the name suggests, this is an ad-supported tier and will result in ads being shown before and during most videos.

For those that want an ad-free viewing experience, they can choose between the $15.49 Standard and $22.99 Premium plans. While both of these are ad-free tiers, only the Premium plan offers Ultra HD and spatial audio support, along with the ability to stream on up to four devices at the same time.

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