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Signing Up And Paying Quarterly For Fubo Pro Gets You Free Sports Channels


Fubo Pro extra channels

In an unusual move, Fubo is now offering new subscribers more channels when they agree to pay quarterly for their subscription. What’s more, the free channels are all sports channels.

Fubo offers four main base plans to choose from – Pro, Elite, Premier, and Latino. As is the case with most other live TV streaming services that offer multiple subscription tiers, the number of channels you get depends on the plan you choose.

With Fubo, however, the number of channels can also depend on how often you pay. While it is unclear when it started, those signing up to Fubo and selecting the Pro plan are currently being offered 162 channels when they pay quarterly. If opting to pay monthly, those same subscribers only get access to the 154 channels advertised as included with the Pro plan.

The additional channels are all sports-related and include MLB Network, NBA TV, and NHL Network. From what we can tell, Fubo appears to be bundling the $9.99 per month Sports Lite add-on with its Pro subscription for those that are willing to pay for three months in advance.

Fubo quarterly free channels
Fubo bundling Sports Lite with Pro plan

Similar to how it is currently unclear as to when this particular promotion started, it also remains to be seen how long it will be available for. Fubo has a tendency to trial different promotions and deals throughout the year, so this latest one could be removed at any time.

While there have also been reports of existing users also being emailed the same deal if they switch to quarterly payments, it remains unclear as to how widespread those email offers are.

What is clear, is that whether a new or existing subscriber, the additional channels are only being offered with the $74.99 Pro plan. While Fubo does also offer Elite and Premier plans, these more expensive packages include Fubo Extra at no additional cost and the Fubo Extra add-on includes all of the channels available through Sports Lite.

For those considering signing up and paying quarterly to get access to the free sports channels, it is worth noting that Fubo now charges an RSN fee on top of the cost of the base plan.

In other words, signing up to Pro and agreeing to pay quarterly could result in as much as $266.94 needing to be paid in advance, and following the seven-day free trial.

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