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fuboTV Regional Sports Fee: How Much & Where’s Affected?

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fuboTV charges a regional sports fee that increases the price of its monthly plans. However, not all fuboTV subscribers are affected by the RSN fee, as it is dependent on location. Here’s an overview of how much the fee is, which subscribers are affected, and other information consumers should know, starting with why there’s a regional sports network fee to begin with.


Recently, RSNs have become an increasing bigger problem for live TV streaming services. These services have either failed to agree terms with network owners or have had to raise prices to account for their own increased costs. For example, Hulu Live TV dropped a number of Fox RSNs soon after YouTube TV did. While fuboTV dropped many of the same RSNs early in 2020, following Sling TV having dropped them in 2019.

In contrast, AT&T TV still provides access to many RSNs, but the cost of its plans have have routinely increasing. When AT&T TV Now merged with AT&T TV, the price of the cheapest plan for new subscribers rose from $55 to $69.99 per month. However, even at that price, subscribers don’t get access to RSNs. Instead, anyone looking to watch RSNs through AT&T TV will have to pay a minimum of $84.99 per month. That’s considerably higher than the cost of a Hulu Live TV, Sling TV or YouTube TV subscription, as well as fuboTV’s cheapest plan which includes some regional sports.


With fuboTV so heavily focused on sports, losing access to any more RSNs could prove problematic. Therefore, it is understandable the service has implemented an RSN fee to cover costs instead of automatically dropping them. More importantly, fuboTV has been very transparent about the fee and only applies it where it has to. However, the way fuboTV has set its RSN fee up, means there can be some confusion around who is and isn’t affected.

fuboTV charges a $5 RSN fee

fuboTV’s regional sports fee is an additional $5 per month on top of the cost of an existing subscription. Therefore, the exact price subscribers will pay will depend on their current package. As fuboTV does not universally charge this fee, where a subscriber lives will determine if they have to pay the additional RSN charge.

fuboTV charges an RSN fee in these areas:

  • Buffalo/Rochester, NY (and surrounding areas)
  • Houston, TX (and surrounding areas)
  • New England
  • Pittsburgh, PA (and surrounding areas)

fuboTV first introduced the fee in August of 2020. At the time, it only affected subscribers in Houston. Since then, the other locations listed above have been added to the list with the most recent increase taking effect March 11, 2021.

fuboTV subscribers in other areas are not affected by the RSN fee, although that’s mostly due to these other locations not receiving RSNs to begin with. However, that’s not to say they necessarily won’t be affected in the future. For example, if fuboTV adds RSNs at a later date, then it is possible subscribers in those areas will be impacted by the same regional sports fee.


Additional fuboTV RSN fee details

Besides the fact that subscribers in select areas do have to pay the additional cost each month, there are some other points worth noting. The first is there’s no escaping the fee. Regardless of whether a subscriber wants access to their local RSNs, if they live in one of the impacted areas then the fee is included in their monthly bill. Secondly, the fee is a single fee. For example, if a subscriber lives in an area where they receive RSNs from two affected areas, they are only charged the single $5 fee.

Another point to be aware of, if a subscriber moves from an unaffected area to an area where the RSN fee is applied, their subscription will become subject to the additional monthly cost. This won’t apply if only visiting another area, but it will when relocating and updating billing and home location information to the new area.

The opposite is true as well. Those moving from an affected area to another area where the RSN fee is currently not in effect, should expect their monthly subscription cost to come down by $5.

fuboTV RSN fee summary

fuboTV provides access to regional sports networks in some areas and many of those subscribers are charged an additional $5 per month as an RSN fee. Whether a fuboTV subscriber has to pay the fee depends on their home location and the RSNs they have access to.

While there is no ability to opt-out, the RSN fee is a single fee. Therefore, how many RSNs a subscriber has access to does not affect the fee amount. In addition, as this is a location-based charge, fuboTV subscribers should expect their subscription cost to increase or decrease by $5 per month, depending on whether they are moving to or from an area where the regional sports fee is in effect.

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