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Peacock’s JetBlue TrueBlue Benefits Are Now Live (Including 1 Free Year For Mosaic Members)


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Peacock’s deal with JetBlue is now live, offering travelers with the airline additional perks including the ability to watch shows onboard for free, and even a free subscription to the streaming service for eligible program members.

The new partnership between Peacock and JetBlue was first announced at the end of last year. At the time, there was no mention exactly when the agreement would take effect, other than “beginning Spring 2023.”

That time has now come, however, as both companies are now actively advertising the new partnership. For example, the JetBlue website confirms travelers can now watch Peacock Originals on touch screen-enabled flights.

In total, more than 100 Peacock titles are now available to stream directly on a flight when using the in-flight entertainment system.

Travelers that already have a Peacock subscription will also now be able to stream the full Peacock library on all JetBlue flights via Fly-Fi, when accessing the Peacock app on their own devices.

For those without a Peacock subscription, the streaming service is also now advertising additional benefits to JetBlue members who sign up. Specifically, TrueBlue members are now able to get 1,000 points when they start a new Peacock subscription, while Mosaic status members are now eligible to get 12 months of Peacock completely for free.

JetBlue members eligible for either of these promotions can now begin to redeem their offer by heading over to the dedicated Peacock offer page and entering their email address.

For those that aren’t planning to travel on a JetBlue flight anytime soon, Peacock did also announce today that the first three episodes of its Killing It series are now avaialble to stream for free on YouTube. No Peacock subscription required.

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