Philo Subscribers Can Now Add Epix & Starz to Their Plan

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Philo subscribers now have the option of adding Epix and Starz to their package as premium channel add-ons. This is one way subscribers can add to their low-cost live TV subscription without having to subscribe to the services directly, or change live TV streaming services to increase the access to content.


Philo’s big selling point is that it is cheap. While not as cheap as it was before, a Philo subscription costs just $20 per month and in return, subscribers get access to 58 channels. The one downside with all of this is that there are no alternative plans, or options to increase the content available. That is, there wasn’t until now.

The new premium add-ons are already live on the Philo website and so interested subscribers can now add them to their existing plan. In fact, regardless of whether an existing or soon-to-be Philo subscriber, the two add-ons are currently available at a discounted rate. For example, the Epix add-on (with access to Epix, Epix 2, and Epix Hits) costs $6 per month, but is currently available for just $3 per month. Likewise, the Starz add-on (with Starz, Starz Encore, and Starz Kids & Family) costs $9 per month, but is currently only $5 per month.

Philo premium add-ons
Source: Philo

Both discounted rates apply for the first three months of the subscription and the offer must be redeemed by July 13. Further adding to the deal, both add-ons also come with a seven-day free trial as well.

Philo branching out with add-ons

This marks a major change for Philo and one that’s likely to be a sign of things to come. With a constantly-increasing user base, and so many always on the lookout for a better live TV streaming deal, if Philo can continue to add premium add-ons to its service, it could find itself appealing to consumers who had not considered the service before.

This is even more likely considering that price has become an important part of the streaming experience. While many originally turned to streaming as a way to lower TV and video costs, the explosion of streaming services over the last few years has resulted in a landscape where opting for them all equals a monthly bill that’s just as high as before streaming. Therefore, many are now having to make conscious decisions as to which streaming service they opt for, and for some, those decisions will explicitly come down to the price.


If Philo is able to build out an experience that keeps its base price as low as possible while offering subscribers the option to build out their package through add-ons like these, then it might make those price-based decisions a little easier for live TV streaming consumers.

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