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90 Streaming Services You Can Watch From Apple TV+ to YouTube TV

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Updated: August 3rd, 2021 at 09:28 pm

From Apple TV+ to YouTube TV, the number of streaming services just keeps increasing. If you thought you were already suffering from so-called subscriber fatigue, then you might want to look away now, as the list below includes no less than ninety free and paid services you can watch right now.


Pause for a moment and imagine having to sign up, manage payments, and change between apps for ninety different streaming services. If that all sounds a bit too much, that’s because it is. In fact, there are so many streaming services now that it’s almost impossible to keep track. What’s more, the list below doesn’t include any streaming services that are only available outside the United States. On a positive note, you might just find your next favorite streaming service.

Before going any further, this list excludes any service that’s solely considered to be a digital rental or storage shop (Google TV), services that have already closed down (PlayStation Vue, Quibi), and any that just looked a little less trustworthy than they should. For quick and easy reference, the table below includes every service mentioned in this list.


Streaming services full list: Updated March, 2021

Acorn TVESPN+HopsterNHL.TVSundance Now
Apple TV+F1 TVHulu Live TVPantaflixThe CW
Amazon Prime VideoFacebook WatchIMDb TVParamount+The Roku Channel
AT&T TVFlixFlingKocowaPeacockUP Faith & Family
Blaze TVFrndly TVKlowdTVPhiloUFC Fight Pass
B/R Live PassfuboTVLifetime Movie ClubPlutoVidgo
BritBoxGaiaLG ChannelsPokerGoViki
BroadwayHDGINX Esports TVLaugh Out LoudPure FlixVimeo
CrackleGuideDocMagnolia SelectsQelloVizio WatchFree+
Criterion ChannelHallmark Movies NowMLB.tvRevryVRV
CuriosityStreamHBO MaxNBA League PassShudderWillow TV
Discovery+History VaultNBC Sports GoldShout Factory TVXumo
Dove ChannelHooplaNFL Game PassSpectrum TV EssentialsYouTube TV

90 streaming services to watch now

Below is a brief overview of each service, including the current subscription price. The list is in alphabetical order, as that’s probably the easiest way to actually digest the list. Not to mention, the easiest way for us to add new ones when they launch (or delete old ones when they fade away).

Acorn TV

Acorn TV is a subscription service that focuses on the “best of British” although its content does also include shows and movies from outside the UK, with a selection of comedies, dramas and mysteries from Australia, Ireland and more. Acorn TV costs $5.99 per month and comes with a seven-day free trial.


ALLBLK is a streaming service that’s specifically focused on delivering Black TV & film. This not only includes movies and TV shows, but also original content, short films, music, and more. ALLBLK comes with a seven-day free trial. After which, a subscription costs $4.99 per month.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is the official streaming service from Apple and is populated entirely by Apple original movies and shows. While Apple TV+ was initially limited on content and device support, it is expanding all the time. Apple TV+ costs $4.99 per month and consumers can take advantage of a seven-day free trial.


Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is both an online video store and subscription service. The service is populated with a wealth of shows and movies including many Amazon Studios originals. An Amazon Prime Video subscription costs $8.99 per month, although it is free to access for anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription.


AMC+ is a premium subscription bundle that not only includes access to AMC content, but also Shudder, Sundance Now and IFC Films Unlimited. An AMC+ subscription costs $8.99 per month and is available with a seven-day free trial.


AT&T TV is a live TV streaming service designed to be more of a direct replacement for cable. There are a number of plans to choose from with each one offering a different number of channels. AT&T TV subscriptions start at $59.99 per month when opting for a two year contract or $69.99 per month on a no contact basis.

Blaze TV

Blaze TV is an American streaming service that focuses on conservative media with content available from Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Steven Crowder, and more. Blaze TV offers a 30-day free trial with monthly subscriptions costing $10.

B/R Live Pass

B/R Live Pass includes some free content, but there’s also the option to pay monthly for greater acces, Content includes live matches from National Lacrosse League and World Armwrestling League, as well as access to a variety of channels, including Liverpool FC and Manchester United. A subscription currently costs $9.99 per month.


Like Acorn TV, BritBox focuses on British content. In fact, BritBox claims to be the service that offers access to the most British content overall. The service costs $6.99 per month and comes with a seven-day free trial.


BroadwayHD is a streaming service that focuses on live theater performance recordings, and provides access to musicals, Broadway classics, Shakespeare productions, and more. BroadwayHD subscriptions cost $8.99 per month following a seven-day free trial.


Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures and provides access to a wide range of movies, TV shows, and original programming. The selection of content changes regularly with fresh titles frequently available. Crackle is a free to use service as it solely relies on ads to generate revenue.

Criterion Channel

The Criterion Channel looks to bring together a collection of classic and contemporary Hollywood movies for you to enjoy in one place. The selection includes Criterion Collection movies, as well as some that the company claims you can’t find anywhere else. Padding out the content is a large selection of shorts, and other film-related videos. A Criterion Channel subscription costs $10.99 per month and a 14-day free trial is available.


Crunchyroll is a popular service for those looking for anime, manga, and similar. One of the benefits of the service is that it airs episodes around one hour after they’ve been broadcast in Japan. A Crunchyroll subscription starts at $7.99 per month and comes with a 14-day free trial.


CuriosityStream is the ideal service for those looking for more documentaries and especially on topics such as history, nature, science, and technology. Compared to other streaming services, CuriosityStream is also fairly cheap. A CuriosityStream subscription can be picked up from as low as $2.99 per month.


DAZN is a streaming service that provides access to both live and on-demand sports events, including boxing and MMA. Subscriptions cost $19.99 per month, although there are savings to be had when signing up on an annual basis.


Discovery+ brings together the best of Discovery in one subscription. Whether interested in streaming Discovery channel, HGTV, ID, or any other Discovery network, Discovery+ is the subscription to go with. A standard subscription costs $4.99 per month but subscribers can opt to pay $6.99 per month for an ad-free experience.


Disney+ has proven to be a major hit with the general public. Which is not surprising considering it provides streaming access to the Disney classic vault, as well as Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel and National Geographic shows and movies. A Disney+ subscription costs $6.99 per month or $12.99 per month when bundled with ESPN+ and Hulu.

Dove Channel

Dove Channel looks to provide access to content deemed family-friendly. For example, the service is in partnership with The Dove Foundation and therefore the selection of movies and shows are based on how well they emphasis on inspiration and family values. Some content can be watched for free while the full catalog is available ad-free for $4.99 per month.


ESPN+ is a popular sports-focused streaming service with access to plenty of live events, including MLB, NHL, MLS, Serie A, FA Cup, and more. The service does also offer the option to pay for individual pay-per-view events when available. An ESPN+ subscription costs $5.99 per month or $12.99 per month when bundled with Disney+ and Hulu.


EPIX is another popular option for those looking to access latest movie releases as well as classic movies. The service also provides access to a range of documentaries, shows and EPIX originals. EPIX is actually one of the few services that can either be added to an existing TV package or subscribed to as a standalone service. EPIX prices vary by provider when going through the TV package route although the standalone streaming service costs $5.99 per month.


F1 TV is a great steaming solution for those keen on Formula 1 racing. The service not only provides access to all F1 races, but also unique angles during races and plenty of background and supplementary data for analysis. Those looking for the complete experience will want to go with the $9.99 per month F1 TV Pro plan. Otherwise, there’s a $2.99 per month plan that although doesn’t include live races does feature full race replays.

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is Facebook’s take on steaming. The service provides access to both short and long-form content uploaded by users, as well as shows commissioned by Facebook. Making it quite a mixed bag when it comes to what’s on offer. Facebook Watch is free to access.


Fandor has had a rough time over the last couple of years but the service is still in business. This subscription streaming service is designed for those who love films and want to support the industry, and especially the independent side of it. Fandor provides access to a selection of movies, documentaries, and more for $5.99 per month.


FlixFling claims to offer more than 5,000 movies including new releases and cult classics. The service especially seems to be proud of its stockpile of ‘hard to find gems” which give you an idea of the type of content that’s available. A FlixFling subscription costs $7.99 per month following the seven-day free trial.

Frndly TV

Frndly TV is another service that focuses on family-friendly content. Besides shows available on-demand, the service also provides access to 13 live TV channels. Again, ones the company considers to be uplifting and TV “that makes you feel good.” Frndly TV is available with a seven-day free trial and subscription starts at $5.99 per month, rising to $9.99 per month – depending on whether you need additional streams and cloud DVR.


fuboTV is a live TV streaming service which looks to differentiate itself by leaning more heavily on sports channels than any other live TV streaming service. As a result, fuboTV is an excellent live TV option for those who want as much sports as possible. fuboTV comes with a seven-day free trial with packages starting at $64.99 per month.


Gaia is a little different to the other streaming service on this list as it comes with a clear focus on content that’s good for the body, mind and spirit. The service claims to offer access to more than 8,000 films, shows and classes, including yoga, meditation, fitness and lifestyle content. A Gaia subscription costs $11.99 per month.

GINX Esports TV

GINX Esports TV is a service designed to deliver video gaming and esports content. Some of the shows are free to watch although unlocking the full and ad-free experience requires a $4.99 per month subscription. GINX Esports TV does offer a one-month free trial to get you started.


GuideDoc is a fact-focused streaming service and as a result the content is entirely filled with documentary films. The service tries to stand out by suggesting it is more focused on good documentary films rather than the latest. A GuideDoc subscription costs $5 per month.

Hallmark Movies Now

Hallmark Movies Now is a great option for fans of Hallmark. The Now service is designed to bring together a selection of feel good movies and shows, as well as exclusive Hallmark Movies Now originals. The service delivers all content ad-free for $5.99 per month, and there’s a seven-day free trial available.


HBO will already be well-known to many streamers due to its popular HBO shows including Game of Thrones and Westworld. While the service is typically added to an existing TV package, a standalone subscription is available, priced at $14.99 per month.


HBO Max is best described as HBO+, as it not only provides access to all the content available through HBO, but also content pulled from the wider WarnerMedia catalog. In spite of the greater selection of movies and shows, HBO Max currently costs the same price as the standard HBO subscription, making it a much better option overall.


HIDIVE is another anime streaming service with access to anime and live action shows and movies. The service looks to offer a more unique experience compared to others by adding interesting features, such as an in-episode live-chat. A HIDIVE subscription costs $4.99 per month following a 30-day free trial.

History Vault

History Vault is part of the History family and so this should tell you what type of content you can expect. The service is packed full of historical documentaries and spanning the ages. A History Vault subscription costs $4.99 per month once the seven-day free trial has ended.


Hi-YAH! is the streaming service you’ll want to be taking a closer look at if you’re a fan of martial arts and Asian action movies and shows. This streaming service can be subscribed to directly or through Prime Video Channels and The Roku Channel. A Hi-YAH! subscription costs $3.99 per month following a seven-day free trial.


Hoopla is not your usual streaming service. Technically, Hoopla provides access to movies for free. In fact, not just movies, but also music, books and more. However, the service is offered in conjuction with public libraries and therefore users do need to have a library card to use the service. What’s more, the content is not actually free for the libraries with them paying each time a user “borrows” a title. Due to this, each library has a monthly borrowing cap in place for its users. Hoopla is also not available everywhere, so access will greatly depend on where you are.


Hopster is more of an ecosystem than a service. Hopster is completely designed from the ground-up for young children and this means all of the content has been hand-picked based on how appropriate it is for the youngest of viewers. A Hopster subscription costs $4.00 per month.


Hulu is a popular and well-known subscription service with access to plenty of shows and movies to choose from, including all of Hulu’s own original programming. A Hulu subscription currently costs $5.99 per month with subscribers able to go ad-free for $11.99 per month.

Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live TV is the basic Hulu subscription plus live TV. Due to the service combining both the SVOD and live TV packages together, this is a subscription service with plenty of content to choose from. A Hulu Live TV subscription costs $64.99 per month although you can go ad-free for $70.99 per month, or drop the basic Hulu subscription and pay $63.99 per month.


IMDb TV is owned by Amazon and is a newer service compared to some of the others. The big selling point is IMDb TV is a free service so you don’t have to pay anything to watch any of the shows or movies. However, you will have to sit through ads and you do have to create a free account.


Kanopy is a very similar service to Hoopla in the sense that it also partners with public libraries to offer free streaming of movies (and more) for those with a library card. Also like Hoopla, while the content is free to the user, the library has to pay. Not all libraries currently support Kanopy, and some may place additional caps on how many movies you can stream each month.


Kocowa lets you stream South Korean content including Kpop, Kdramas, and KVariety from the main South Korean broadcasting channels. Making it a great destination for everything K-related. What’s more, some of the content can be watched for free although subscriptions are available for those who want a richer and ad-free experience. A daily Kocowa subscriptions costs $0.99 while a monthly sub is available for $6.99.


KlowdTV brings together multiple internet TV channels into one single package. Although even the packages are editable with users able to choose the news, sports, and entertainment they want. The main “Premium” plan costs $9.99 per month and is listed as coming with access to 94 channels.

Lifetime Movie Club

If you’re a fan of Lifetime, then Lifetime Movie Club might be the streaming service for you. This one is populated with both new and classic Lifetime movies and the service says it rotates content each week to ensure a wide selection of fresh content is available. Lifetime Movie Club is available with a seven-day free trial and costs $3.99 per month.

LG Channels

LG Channel is a streaming service provided with LG smart TVs. The service integrates into the live TV guide and results in access to 175 live TV channels for free. This is a service powered by Xumo and so the experience overall is very similar to what you can get directly through Xumo.

Laugh Out Loud

Laugh Out Loud was created by Kevin Hart and is designed to be a hub for all things comedy. The service focuses heavily on short videos making it a good streaming option for anyone accessing via a mobile phone or while on the go. The Laugh Out Loud service is free to access.

Magnolia Selects

Magnolia Selects is a streaming service created by Magnolia Pictures and offers a curated selection of movies and shows that spans most genres. A Magnolia Selects subscription costs $4.99 per month and comes with a seven-day free trial. is for fans of Major League Baseball. The streaming service is offered directly by the MLB with access to all games including out of market, as well as a ton of other features and background content. A standard subscription costs $24.99 per month with savings to be hard for those who pay on an annual basis.


Mubi is a service aimed at film-lovers and therefore the content takes more of a quality over quantity approach. The selection is hand-picked and limited to around 30 movies at a time. However, every day one is removed and replaced with a new one – technically, there’s a new movie added each day. A Mubi subscription costs $10.99 per month once you complete the seven-day free trial.

NBA League Pass

NBA League Pass provides online access to all the basketball content you can want. With a pass, subscribers can stream every out-of-market regular season game, as well as local game replays, and more. A league subscriptions costs $28.99 per month although the price can be reduced if signing up for a lengthier subscription.

NBC News Now

NBC News NOW is a streaming service focused entirely on news and topical events. This is a free to access service and unlike some other NBC properties does not require cable or TV authentication. However, the service is currently a part-time service. For example, NBC News NOW only live streams Monday through Friday and between 3 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET.

NBC Sports Gold

NBC Sports Gold provides additional access to sports content not available through the likes of NBCSN. The service works by offering dedicated passes for different sports and ranging from cycling to figure skating. The price also varies as well, depending on the sport.


Netflix likely needs no introduction as this is arguably the most popular streaming service in the US. With a wide selection of shows and movies, including Netflix Originals, the service offers a lot of content. Subscriptions start at $8.99 per month and rise based on the playback quality and number of streams needed.

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass allows subscribers to watch a replay of every game during the season. It also comes with some nifty takes on watching considering you can opt to save time by watching a condensed version. An NFL Game Pass currently costs $99 per year and a seven-day free trial is available.


NHL.TV brings all the live NFL games and highlights to all of your devices. In addition, there are some other features designed to enrich the experience, such as the option to choose between team announcers, additional camera angles and more. An NHL.TV monthly pass will currently set you back $24.99.

Outside TV

Outside TV is another sports-focused streaming service although it is more focused on adventure sports, considering its relation to Outside magazine. Here you’ll find movies, series and shorts centered around mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, and more. A subscription costs $4.99 per month and you can take advantage of a free seven-day trial.


Pantaflix is yet another streaming service you can check out. This one claims to offer a wide range of movies and shows although the service seems to focus in more on international content. Pantaflix doesn’t offer a subscription but you can watch a selection of limited content for free, or pay to rent premium titles.


Paramount+ is a streaming service from ViacomCBS and brings together a number of popular networks. Previously CBS All Access, Paramount+ includes everything CBS All Access offered, as well as content from BET, Comedy Central, MTV, and more. A Paramount+ subscription costs $5.99 per month although there’s also a $9.99 per month plan that removes the ads.


Popcornflix lets you choose and stream from a selection of Hollywood movies and shows, although the focus definitely leans more on the movie side. This is a completely free streaming service, although that does mean you will have to put up with ads.


Peacock is a live and on-demand streaming service from NBCUniversal. Peacock provides access to a wealth of NBCU content and is available in three different pricing tiers. The basic and most limited version of Peacock is actually completely free. Alternatively, consumers can opt to pay $4.99 per month for unlimited access to all the content on Peacock, or go for the $9.99 per month plan that removes the ads.


Philo is one of the cheaper live TV streaming services around. The service costs $20 per month and in return, subscribers get access to more than 60 live TV channels. In spite of the low price, there’s also a number of premium features included, such as a 30-day cloud DVR and the option to stream on multiple devices at the same time.

Pluto TV

Pluto is another streaming option for those looking for live TV access although unlike most of the others, this one is completely free. Pluto relies on ads to generate revenue so you will have to put up with commercials, and the channel list is not exactly comparable to paid live TV services. However, it is entirely free.


PokerGo is your one-stop shop for everything poker. The service provides access to live events, but also lets you catch up through replays. Adding to the content is some originally programming and access to classic poker events. A PokerGo subscription costs $14.99 per month.

Pure Flix

Pure Flix is another inspiration-based streaming service packed with a selection of family-friendly and Christian content. You’ll find full movies, TV shows, documentaries, kids shows, and more. Pure Flix offers a seven-day free trial and afterwards the subscription costs $12.99 per month.


Qello claims to have the world’s largest collection of full-length concerts and music documentaries making it an ideal streaming destination for anyone in need of more music-based content. An All Access Pass subscription costs $11.99 per month and there is a seven-day free trial.


Revry is a streaming service that caters to the LGBTQ market by focusing on content that’s by the LGBTQ community. This can mean starring LGBTQ actors, created by LGBTQ filmmakers, or simply a story that revolves around an LGBTQ character. The service provides access to content free of charge with ads, although there’s also a $6.99 monthly subscription that not only unlocks more content, but also removes the ads.


Screambox is exactly what it sounds like as this is a horror and terror-focused streaming service. The service offers a wide range of horror movies and claims to offer horror you won’t find anywhere else. A Screambox subscription costs $4.99 per month and there’s a seven-day free trial to kick things off.


Similar to Screambox, Shudder is another streaming service that’s focused on more chilling content. However, this one does spread its wings a little further by also hosting thriller and suspense content as well. Following the seven-day free trial, a subscription will set you back $4.75 per month.

Sling TV

Although Sling TV is yet another live TV streaming service, it takes on more of an a la carte approach compared to the others. Essentially, you can choose between one of two $35 per month subscriptions and then add additional channel packs on top. There’s also a $45 per month plan which brings the best of both $30 plans together under one plan – again with the option to add channel packs on top.

Shout Factory TV

Shout Factory TV is the streaming service designed for pop culture fans. The service claims to offer over 2,000 hours of programming with a focus on cult and classic TV. This is another service that is free to watch with ads, although those interested can opt for a $2.99 per month subscription which will remove the ads.


Showtime is a popular premium network and home to many popular TV shows, including Homeland, Billions, Shameless, and Ray Donovan. The service can be added to an existing live TV plan or subscribed to directly. The price varies depending on provider although the standalone Showtime subscription costs $10.99 per month, following a seven-day free trial.

Spectrum Essentials

Spectrum TV Essentials is a streaming service specifically aimed at Spectrum Internet customers. Therefore, if you’re not a Spectrum internet customer, this service won’t be much use to you. If you are, then the service offers access to more than 60 live TV channels as well as a selection of on demand content. Spectrum TV Essentials costs $14.99 per month.

Sundance Now

Sundance Now is a streaming service that claims to be a bit different to the rest thanks to a stronger focus on storytelling and emotionally moving stories. According to the service, you can expect gripping true crime, political thrillers, and dramatic series. A subscription will run you $6.99 per month after you’ve finished the seven-day free trial.


Starz is another premium network and home to a selection of popular TV shows, including Power, Outlander, American Gods, and more. Like many other premium networks, Starz is a service that you can add to an existing TV package or subscribe to directly. Although the price varies depending on TV provider, going the direct route nets you a seven-day free trial and a subscription for $8.99 per month.

The CW

Many will already be familiar with The CW as it is typically bundled with a live TV package. However, The CW shows can be watched for free via many platforms and directly from The CW website. No sign-up or subscription needed.

The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel has become a force to be reckoned with and is now more than just a channel considering you can also subscribe to other channels and premium networks. However, skipping all of that for now, The Roku Channel provides free access to a selection of movies and shows each month, thanks to ads.


Tubi is a great option for those looking to spend the least amount each month on content as this is another completely free service. Tubi provides access to a wide selection of shows and movies without the need for a subscription. You also don’t even need to create an account although doing so adds to the experience with the ability to create a watchlist and sync devices.

UP Faith & Family

UP Faith & Family looks to provide streaming access to a selection of content that’s not only family-friendly, but also faith-friendly. The service claims to offer over 1,000 titles including UP original content. A subscription costs $5.99 per month but you do get a generous 14-day free trial first.

UFC Fight Pass

If you’re into mixed martial arts then the UFC Fight Pass is for you. Not only do you get access to live events, but also original programming and an archive of MMA fights to stream whenever you want. A UFC Fight Pass subscription costs $9.99 per month.


Vidgo is one of the newest live TV streaming services to arrive, making it a good option for those who have tried the others but still not found a suitable live TV streaming service for them. The service offers many of the usual channels. Vidgo live TV plans come with a seven-day free trial and start at $54.99 per month.


Viki is a service brought to you by Rakuten. The service mainly focuses on content from South Korea, but covers Asian content in general. While the service is free, there’s also a “Viki Pass” which opens the door to exclusive content, an ad-free streaming experience, and more for $4.17 per month.


Vimeo is a video-sharing platform and in this respect it is very similar to YouTube. However, it does have a slightly different edge to it as you will find a lot more artistic content on the platform. In many ways, it’s a place for creators to exhibit their portfolios, although with the content being user-generated you will find all sorts and something to suit everyone. As you might expect, Vimeo is free.

Vizio WatchFree+

Vizio WatchFree+ is a streaming service specifically for owners of a Vizio smart TV. The service is free to access and offers the option to watch 100s of live channels. Similar to most free services, the channels on offer are not traditional live TV services, but channels that have been specifically curated for the viewer.


VRV is another service that’s focused on anime although this one goes well beyond that with access to cartoons, tech and gaming videos. VRV is actually free to stream with ads, but there’s also a premium subscription for $9.99 per month. The premium subscription not only removes the ads, but increases the content and adds offline playback.


While Vudu started off, and is still, a digital rental store, it also now offers access to a wide selection of movies and episodes for free. These are titles that are available to rent or buy from Vudu but become free for a limited time thanks to ads.

Willow TV

If you’re into cricket, then Willow TV is likely to be the streaming service for you. Not only does it broadcast live cricket matches, but also highlights and replays as well. A Willow TV subscription costs $9.99 per month.

WWE Network

WWE Network provides all the WWE access you will need. Not only do you get access to pay-per-view events, but there’s also tons of hours of content available to stream at any time on demand. The WWE Network subscription costs $9.99 per month and there’s a 30-day free trial to get you started.


Xumo is very similar to Pluto in the sense that it provides access to live TV channels free of charge. Again, as this is a completely free service, it does rely on ads to generate revenue. While the channels might not be the most familiar channels, the service does claim to offer access to more than 180 channels in total.


YouTube should need no introduction. However, if you are new to the service than you can expect videos on just about anything and everything. YouTube is primarily a user-uploading platform although you will find more than just user content on the platform. YouTube is free to access.

YouTube Premium is the service’s subscription option which mainly improves the experience through additional features. The subscription costs $11.99 per month and for that price you get ad-free access to everything on YouTube as well as the option to download YouTube videos for offline viewing.

YouTube TV

Unlike the standard YouTube experience, YouTube TV is all about the live TV channels. The service currently charges $64.99 per month for a subscription and in return offers access to more than 85 live TV channels. This is in addition to unlimited cloud DVR, six sub-accounts, and more. You can test-run YouTube TV for seven days before having to start paying.

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Updated March, 2021

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