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Starz Through Amazon Prime Video Is Down To $2 A Month Again


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Right now, Amazon Prime Members can get Starz for just $1.99 a month for the first three months. This limited-time deal is $8 a month cheaper than the usual price, and also cheaper than the promotional price currently being offered directly by Starz.

If signing up directly, Starz is offering the first three months for $3 a month, resulting in a total of $9 over three months. As a result, Prime members can currently save an additional $3 over those same three months by signing up through Prime Video instead. The current $1.99/month for three months Starz deal is due to end June 30, 2024.

Get 3 months for $1.99/month

In addition to the existing library of on-demand movies and shows, Starz is adding more titles to watch this month. For example, Starz has already added Power Book II: Ghost season four, part one, the first half of the final season of the popular show.

As a reminder, auto-renewing is in effect with Prime Video Channels, which means the subscription will auto-renew at the usual $9.99 a month rate after the third discounted month.

In reality, this is a fairly common Prime Video deal, so it is highly possible that it will be available again in the near future. As an example, Amazon was offering the exact same deal on Starz this time last month.

As a Prime membership is required to subscribe to any premium service through Prime Video, those not currently signed up to Prime won’t be able to get Starz at the cheaper price. That is unless they also sign up for Prime membership as well.

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