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Streaming Viewers More Likely To Be Watching With Others: Study


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Compared to linear TV viewers, streaming viewers are more likely to be watching with other people, and more likely to pay attention while watching with others. These findings come from a new viewer attention study from LG Ad Solutions and TVision.

As is the case with traditional TV, ads are big business in the world of streaming. Not only has most streaming services opted to offer an ad-supported tier, but dedicated ad-supported services (typically referred to as FAST services) are continually gaining in popularity.

As part of a new study designed to assess the impact of ads on attention, LG Ad Solutions and TVision found that, on average, streaming TV viewers are more likely to be watching with other people than linear TV viewers. Specifically, the study found a +74% higher co-viewing incidence among ad-supported streaming households.

Of the various genres of content available to watch, it would seem that Comedy, Drama, and Sports are some of the more popular genres for watching with others.

From the advertiser perspective, the study also found that viewers are more likely to pay attention to ads (and content) when watching with others. According to the study, 88% of respondents report being more likely to pay attention when co-viewing.

This research supports our existing knowledge which indicates that consumers are paying more attention to streaming content than linear content. High-attention content gives advertisers a valuable opportunity to increase engagement and generate outcomes,” said Yan Liu, CEO at TVision. “This research shows how to find that sweet spot with consumers and provides a valuable roadmap for advertisers looking to capitalize on the growing streaming marketplace.”

One of the complaints that we hear the most often in relation to streaming ads is their general frequency and duration. On this point, the study found the first 15 seconds to be the most impactful, and CTV advertisers should “actively manage frequency to prevent over delivery.”

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