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Suits Won Streaming In 2023 (Ted Lasso And Moana Also Among Most-Streamed Titles)


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Suits, Ted Lasso and Moana proved to be the most popular titles in their respective streaming categories in 2023. This is according to the latest data from Nielsen, which provides an overview of what we were all streaming the most over the past year.

Overall, Suits ran rampant and dominated the streaming rankings. After managing to generate more than 57 billion minutes viewed, not only was it the number one acquired program of the year, but also the top program in general. Not to mention, the 57.7 billion meant it overtook The Office, which generated 57.1 billion viewing minutes back in 2020, as the most-streamed title in a year. Behind Suits was Bluey with 43.9 billion and NCIS with 39.4 billion minutes viewed.

Nielsen acquired programs 2023

When it comes to original programs, Apple TV’s Ted Lasso placed first with 16.9 billion minutes viewed. Comparing Ted Lasso to Suits shows just how clearly acquired content dominated last year. Even Supernatural, which placed 10th in acquired programs, managed to rake in 22.8 billion minutes, 4 billion more than the number one original program.

Behind Ted Lasso was Netflix’s The Night Agent with 14.4 billion and this was followed by Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia with 13.8 billion. In fact, Netflix managed to secure seven of the top 10 spots for original streaming programs.

Nielsen original programs 2023

On the movie side of things, the top 10 streaming movies were largely made up of Disney+ and Netflix. Overall, Moana generated 11.6 billion views and this was followed by Encanto with 9.7 billion. With availability on both Netflix and Peacock in 2023, The Super Mario Bros. Movie placed third with 8.8 billion minutes viewed.

Nielsen streaming movies 2023

Individual titles and services aside, the data from Nielsen reveals that Americans streamed 21 million years’ worth of content during 2023, and this marked an increase of 21% on the 17 million years’ worth streamed in 2022.

Another interesting takeaway from the data is how well titles seemed to perform when available on more than one service during the year. While subscribers might not like the recent trend of content switching between services, it seems to work for the services, and the content.

For example, Suits (Netflix and Peacock) with 57.7 billion minutes viewed, NCIS (Netflix and Paramount+) with 39.4 billion minutes, and The Super Mario Bros. Movie (Netflix and Peacock) with 8.8 billion minutes viewed, all seemed to benefit from access to more than one streaming service audience.

At the same time, the number of services and overall audience reach wasn’t the only factor that determined the popularity of a title last year. After all, Ted Lasso ranked top for original streaming programs and this was in spite of only being available on Apple TV+, a streaming service with a subscriber base that’s considered to be significantly smaller than the bases of many other popular services.

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