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The First Casualty of AT&T TV Is U-Verse

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AT&T TV has only just launched but it looks like its first casualty is already here, U-verse. While consumers can still order the service, AT&T is making it much harder to do that now. A move that appears to be the latest indication that AT&T has lost interest in the video service.

Up until recently, U-verse, was one of the main video services offered by AT&T. However, the company has now confirmed it has removed the option to order U-verse through the website, removing the ability to order online completely. Now, the only way an interested consumer can sign up to U-verse is by phone.

While the U-verse page is still live with a section explaining the change (as well as a notification at the top of the page), what visitor eyes will be immediately drawn to is the prominent banner advertising AT&T TV.

AT&T all-in on its new service

From time to time, there had been reports emerging about the demise of U-verse, although the reason for the speculation has changed over the last couple of years. Initially, DIRECTV was thought to be what was behind the company’s lack of interest in U-verse, but more recently there’s also been the suggestions that DIRECTV is now in the firing line too.

While it remains unclear if or when both U-verse and DIRECTV will close down, it is clear AT&T is now placing almost all of its bets on AT&T TV. For starters, there are few things more alarming than when a company actually reduces the number of ways an interested consumer can order a service, and especially when one of the ways removed is online.

Not to mention, AT&T did rebrand DIRECTV NOW as AT&T TV NOW last year in a bid to further cement its video offerings under a single brand. Both of these instances do – at the very least – indicate AT&T is becoming increasingly uninterested in promoting either the U-verse or DIRECTV brands in the future.

As for existing U-verse customers, they are not expected to see any changes to their service anytime soon. Although, they probably shouldn’t be too surprised if they start receiving a number of offers and promotions encouraging them to switch over to the all-new AT&T TV.

Source: AT&T

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