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Vizio’s WatchFree+ Adds 20 Local News Channels From Fox and Gray Television


Fox local channels on Vizio WatchFree Plus

Vizio has added a new local channel category to its WatchFree+ service along with 20 local news channels from Fox and Gray Television.

WatchFree+ is Vizio’s own streaming app that makes it possible for owners of the company’s TVs to access a selection of on-demand content for free. In addition to the on-demand library, WatchFree+ also offers access to a selection of free live TV channels.

Today, that selection has received a healthy news boost through the addition of more than 20 local news stations. While the service already offered access to select CBS News stations, the new additions open up access to various Fox and Gray Television news stations as well.

In total, 10 Fox and 10 Gray Television local news stations have been added to the WatchFree+ programming guide.

Fox channelsGray Television channels
WAGA (FOX 5 – Atlanta) – Ch. 945WANF Atlanta News First (Independent – Atlanta) – Ch. 961
WTTG (FOX 5 – Washington DC) – Ch. 946KTVK/KPHO Arizona’s Family (CBS 5 – Phoenix) – Ch. 962
WJBK (FOX 2 – Detroit) – Ch. 947WOIO Cleveland 19 News (CBS 19 – Cleveland/Akron) – Ch. 963
KDFW (FOX 4 – Dallas) – Ch. 948WBTV News (CBS 3 – Charlotte) – Ch. 964
WTVT (FOX 13 – Tampa Bay) – Ch. 949KPTV (FOX 12 – Portland) – Ch. 965
KTVU (FOX 2 – San Francisco) – Ch. 950KMOV4 News (CBS 4 – St. Louis) – Ch. 966
WTXF (FOX 29 – Philadelphia) – Ch. 951WSMV4 News (CBS 4 – Nashville) – Ch. 967
WOFL (FOX 35 Orlando) – Ch. 952KCTV5 News (CBS 5 – Kansas City) – Ch. 968
KCPQ (FOX 13 Seattle) – Ch. 953WFSB Eyewitness News 3 (CBS 3 – Hartford/New Haven) – Ch. 969
KTTV (FOX 11 – Los Angeles) – Ch. 955WXIX-TV (FOX19 Now – Cincinnati) – Ch. 970

Through our collaboration with Gray Television and FOX, we make it possible for millions of users to stay connected with their communities with relevant and timely content through our WatchFree+ streaming service,” said Katherine Pond, Group Vice President, Platform Content & Partnerships at VIZIO.

Other local and national news channels that were already available to access through WatchFree+ include CBS News, Cheddar News, FOX Weather, LiveNOW from FOX, NBC News NOW, Scripps News, and WeatherNation, among others.

On the topic of WatchFree+, some Vizio TV users have taken issue with a recent antenna integration update. While the update was designed to make it easier for Vizio TV owners to access their antenna channels through the WatchFree+ app, it also removed their ability to access those same local channels without using WatchFree+.

Even more recently, Vizio unveiled and launched a new Home Screen experience that’s designed to make the viewing and navigation experience more intuitive and easier to use.

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