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Vudu Now Offers a Movie Rental Satisfaction Guarantee

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Vudu has made changes to improve its rental procedure. Firstly, the streaming service is offering a money-back guarantee on rentals. Secondly, Vudu will now refund the difference if you find the same rental available to stream elsewhere for cheaper. In addition, Vudu is also offering additional ways to save on movie rentals during the holidays.

Vudu is already a primary rental destination for many streamers. The Walmart-owned streaming service offers an extensive selection of titles to rent, at competitive prices, and the service is compatible with most devices and platforms. Now, in a bid to make rentals even better value for money and safer, Vudu has announced some changes to its rental process.

The first is what Vudu is calling its “30-minute rental redo.” Just like if you were unhappy with your purchase of a physical product, Vudu will now refund your rental price. There are some caveats to this, however. For one thing, rental redos are only available as long as you have not watched beyond the 30-minute mark. Another is the rental must not have been downloaded to a device.

There’s also a caveat with the refund itself. Strictly speaking, this is not a true refund as Vudu won’t give you back your money. Instead, the service will credit your account with the value of the rental giving you the option to spend the money on something else.

To take advantage of the rental redo guarantee, customers need to call or email Vudu’s customer services and request the refund.

Vudu now price-matches rentals

In addition to giving renters the option to request a credit to the value of a rental, Vudu will also now refund the difference if you find its rental price to be too expensive.

Similar to how price-matching works elsewhere, if you find the same title available to rent at a cheaper price from another service, you can contact Vudu and they will refund the difference.

Just like the 30-minute refund redo, this is not an actual refund, but a credit to the renter’s account. The credit can then be used to make a purchase or rent another title. Also like the redo option, those looking for a price difference refund will need to call or email Vudu’s customer services to request the price adjustment.

Whether requesting a full redo refund or a particle price difference, Vudu says accounts will be credited by the amount within 24 hours.

Vudu rental savings up for grabs

Vudu has confirmed it is also getting in on the holiday festivities. The service will be offering various discounts each week to help streamers save even more. The discounts have already started too. Vudu is currently offering 50 percent off your next rental when the “VUDURENTAL” code is used.

This is a limit-time and limited-availability code so it is a matter of first-come, first served. The code can either be used directly when renting or it can be applied to your account ahead of time.

Source: Vudu

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