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Vudu Has Replaced AMC Theatres On Demand: What You Need To Know


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AMC Theatres On Demand is being replaced by Vudu and this does mean a number of changes for existing users of the service. One of the most important and immediate changes to be aware of is that users are no longer able to view movies within their AMC Theatres On Demand account.

AMC launched its Theatres On Demand streaming service in a bid to offer AMC Stubs members a way to buy and rent movies that they could then watch at home. However, and in spite of only launching in late 2019, the end is already firmly in sight for AMC’s watch at home service.

AMC has confirmed it has now ‘partnered with Vudu’ and the reason for the partnership is that AMC no longer plans to offer its Theatres On Demand service. Basically, Vudu is now stepping in as a replacement. As the change has already taken place (from June 1), any renting or purchasing by AMC Theatres On Demand users will now be processed by Vudu.

With Vudu replacing AMC Theatres On Demand, all existing users will need to migrate their account over to Vudu. Once migrated, Theatres On Demand will have access to all of their movie purchases once again, as well as the rest of the Vudu experience.

The change does also now mean that the AMC Theatres On Demand app no longer works and can’t be used to watch any purchased movies. Due to this, the app should be uninstalled and replaced with the Vudu app on supported devices as part of the migration process.

It’s time to migrate from AMC to Vudu

In terms of the migration, AMC has confirmed that moves purchases will need to be transferred to Vudu before August 31, 2023. The transfer process is available right now and can be started by visiting the Vudu website and entering the email address associated with an AMC account. Vudu will then walk the AMC user through the process.

For those that already have a Vudu account, the process is as simple as linking the two accounts together which will then result in all of the movie purchases becoming available via the Vudu account. For those without an existing Vudu account, one will be created as part of the transfer process.

For those that are new to Vudu in general, AMC has highlighted that new Vudu customers will get a 15% discount on any rentals or purchases they make during their first month. It should be noted that the small print here does make clear that the 15% discount is limited to the first 10 transactions.

Whether migrating as a new or existing Vudu user, it is also worth noting that AMC says that some movie purchases might be eligible for a video quality upgrade, so users may end up with an improved viewing experience as a result of migrating.

While libraries will be migrated over, most other user data won’t be. For example, AMC has made clear that payment information, rewards, promo codes, gift cards, watch lists, and loyalty information won’t be migrated to Vudu.

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