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YouTube TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket Does Come With Condensed Replays

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YouTube TV will offer condensed replays of NFL games when Sunday Ticket goes live later in the year. This wasn’t something that had previously been confirmed, but is a feature that was available during DirecTV’s stewardship of Sunday Ticket.

As suggested by the name, condensed replays are shorter versions of full games. They are typically versions that focus more heavily on key plays and other notable events during the game. They also often don’t run much longer than 30-minutes making them a good way to catch up without being too short.

While not previously announced by YouTube TV as an included feature, condensed replays will continue to be available with Sunday Ticket, according to a YouTube TV engineer’s reply on Reddit. Unfortunately, the engineer didn’t provide any further details on how the feature will work. More specifically, whether there will be any differences compared to the condensed replays experience offered by DirecTV.

For example, while it remains unclear how long after they will become available through YouTube TV, DirecTV’s condensed replays could usually be accessed two to four hours after the game.

It is worth noting that a standalone NFL+ subscription also offers the option to watch condensed replays as well, and their shorter versions actually go live right after the conclusion of the applicable game’s telecast.

So while it is possible that YouTube TV might stick to the same release schedule as DirecTV, it is also possible that condensed replays might become available even sooner than before.

For those that have yet to sign up to Sunday Ticket, it is still possible to lock in a cheaper price than usual. While the $100 presale discount is now gone, it has been replaced by a $50 discount. What’s more, the $50 off is available regardless of whether you are a YouTube user or a YouTube TV member.

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