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YouTube TV’s Key Plays Is Now An Award-Winning Feature


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YouTube TV’s Key Plays is now an an award-winning feature after taking home a Technical Emmy. For reference, it wasn’t just Key Plays that won the award, but the Views feature in general.

Views is the wider feature that YouTube TV offers as a way for subscribers to see real-time sports data including team and player stats, key plays, and league scores. Although the feature is available while watching a variety of different live sports, it is currently limited to the smart TV and mobile apps.

Now, YouTube has confirmed that Views recently won a Technology & Engineering Emmy Award for AI-ML Curation of Sports Highlights. The announcement also explained how this is actually the first Technical Emmy that YouTube TV has ever won, and credited WSC Sports for its help in bringing the feature to life.

In addition to thanking the its partners and the Academy, the blog post also explained why Views became a feature in the first place. Essentially, YouTube TV has always understood the importance of sports, and even at an early stage wanted to build a service that catered to sports fans.

With Views, the idea was to provide sports fans with a way to avoid having to use a phone or another device to keep up to date with other games, scores, and stats, while watching live.

Based on the blog post, it would seem that the feature has proven popular with YouTube TV subscribers as well. According to YouTube, Key Plays were used more than 10 million times by YouTube TV subscribers in 2022 alone.

Although the feature has become more widely available in terms of the different sports it now supports, regular season NFL games, Premier League matches, and the 2022 World Cup, were when Key Plays were most often used by YouTube TV subscribers in 2022.

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