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100,000 Signed Up For Telly’s Free TV In Less Than 36 Hours


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More than 100,000 registered for Telly’s free TV in the first 36 hours. A number of registrations that the company is viewing as a great success, and especially considering it didn’t spend “a single dollar on marketing”.

Telly confirmed the existence of its free TV earlier this week, and at the same time, opened registrations for those interested in being one of the first to get their hands on a free TV. It would seem that plenty have already taken the company up on that offer.

CEO and Founder Ilya Pozin said that initial interest “has surpassed even our most optimistic expectations” after the company confirmed that it had received more than 100,000 registrations in the first 36 hours.

Telly plans to ship as many as 500,000 free TVs to begin with, so while 100,000 is a huge number, it isn’t the total of the initial allocation.

For those wondering how Telly plans to give away TV sets for free, the answer is ads. Telly’s CEO co-founded Pluto TV, and just like how Pluto offers access to shows and movies for free through the use of ads, Telly plans to give TVs away and offset the cost through the use of ads.

That’s not the only thing that’s different about Telly’s approach either. While the TV you are using right now most likely has one screen, Telly’s TVs have two. There’s a 55-inch screen acting as the normal TV, and a secondary smart screen that’s designed to deliver additional information, including ads.

For reference, the first 500,000 are only an initial batch and somewhat of a trial run. The plan is to begin shipping those first 500,000 this summer and then continue shipping more throughout next year. If Telly’s plans go according to plan, millions of free TVs will be shipped out to homes in 2024.

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