AMC Networks Is Considering A Mega Bundle

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AMC Networks is considering offering a bundle which brings together content from all of its brands. It should be noted that the company is only considering the idea at the moment, and there is no firm suggestion that it will actually happen.


AMC Networks is already in the bundle game. While homes are free to sign up to the likes of IFC Films Unlimited and Shudder as standalone subscriptions, the company also offers its AMC Plus bundle, which brings together content from AMC, BBC America, IFC Films Unlimited, Shudder, and Sundance Now.

Considering the company already offers a bundle, and has already confirmed it will launch a new ad-supported tier later this year, the idea that AMC might look to expand its bundle offerings doesn’t seem out of the question. In fact, it’s something the company is actively looking into.


Speaking at the Gabelli Funds 15th Annual Media and Entertainment Symposium yesterday (via The Wrap), Executive vice president and chief financial officer Patrick O’Connell was quoted saying “we think it probably does make sense over time to sort of self-bundle, all call” and that the idea is something that AMC is “looking into on our side.”

At the same time, O’Connell also explained that the company views all of their brands as ‘standing alone’, targeting specific audiences, and that “they’re designed to super serve those audiences.” If the company continues with this thinking then it could just as easily decide to keep things as they are.

Regardless of what AMC Networks ultimately decides, it is clear that bundling, or as O’Connell described it, self-bundling, is on the rise. HBO Max was recently rebranded as Max and this change resulted in a massive injection of content from the Discovery family of brands.


Likewise, Paramount Global is also currently in the process of doing something very similar. Later this month, Paramount Plus will get a healthy dose of Showtime content and this will result in the ad-free Premium plan being rebranded as the Paramount with Showtime package.

In theory, if a new and more inclusive AMC Networks mega bundle was to become available in the future, it could result in subscribers not only getting access to content from the brands currently included with AMC Plus, but also Acorn TV, Allblk, and HIDIVE, among others.

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