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Apple Music Sing Turns Your Apple TV 4K Into A Karaoke Machine


Apple Music Sing Apple TV

Apple Music Sing is a new feature that lets Apple TV 4K users turn their streaming player into a karaoke machine. The new Apple TV 4K is a powerful streaming player in general, and support for additional features like this help to provide a device that’s capable of more than just streaming the latest movies and shows. The new feature also arrives just in time for Christmas.

Apple Music is Apple’s take on a music subscription service, with plans starting at $4.99 per month. Apple Music already offered the ability for subscribers to see lyrics to their favorite songs but this latest feature looks to further build on that approach by introducing a more interactive experience.

Apple Music Sing is set to become available later this month as an Apple Music benefit and will provide Apple TV 4K users with the ability to sing along with their favorite tracks. According to Apple, the feature also comes with some additional features to further help tailor the sing-along experience.

For example, users can either opt to sing along with the original artist or take over as the main act. This is made possible through a volume slider that won’t completely remove the original artist’s vocals, but will reduce the volume of them enough for the user to take the lead. Likewise, backing vocals are treated separately to lead vocals making it easier for those taking on the backup vocals to know what to sing and when to sing. If performing as a duo, Apple Music Sing also offers a duet view with each set of lyrics shown on different sides of the screen.

In terms of device support, Apple Music Sing is currently only set to be available at launch on the new Apple TV 4K player. Whether that changes in the future remains to be seen, but right now support for older models doesn’t appear to be available. Outside of Apple TV, Apple Music subscribers can sing along with a compatible iPhone or iPad. As this is an Apple Music feature, an Apple Music subscription is also required, and the Apple Music Voice Plan doesn’t count.

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