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BritBox Subscriptions Go Live On Xfinity X1, Flex and Xumo TV


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BritBox is now available as a subscription option on Comcast Xfinity X1, Xfinity Flex, and Xumo TV, providing owners of these devices with another way to sign up and stream.

Founded by BBC Studios and ITV, and marketed as a way to “stream the best British TV,” a BritBox subscription unlocks access to a variety of original mysteries, classic comedies, period dramas, and more.

For any homes that typically rely on Comcast’s Xfinity Flex, Xfinity X1 or Xumo TV to access streaming services, it is now possible to sign up to BritBox directly on the device.

Even though it is already easy enough to sign up to BritBox directly, the new option comes with the added benefit of having the monthly payment handled by Comcast, as part of the customer’s cable or internet bill, removing the need to manage a separate subscription.

In addition, subscribing through a Flex, X1, or Xumo TV device won’t cost any more than the monthly (or yearly price) that direct subscribers pay. Comcast customers are also even able to take advantage of the same 7-day free trial.

As signing up in this way does offload the management of a subscription to Comcast, those looking to cancel their BritBox subscription at a later date will also need to cancel through their Comcast account, not through BritBox.

For reference, it is also possible to sign up to BritBox through Amazon as a Prime Video channel in the United States. Similar to the Comcast route, signing up through Prime Video allows Amazon to handle the creation and management of the BritBox subscription.

In February, it was confirmed that BritBox’s subscriber base had climbed to more than 3 million international subscribers. With millions of Comcast customers having now gained access to the streaming service directly on their devices, BritBox will likely be hoping this number continues to increase in the future.

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