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Comcast And Charter’s Xumo 4K Device Lineup To Include Element Xumo TVs


Element Xumo TVs Comcast Charter

Element Xumo TVs will be arriving later this year thanks to a new arrangement between Element Electronics and Xumo. For those unaware, Xumo is the new name for the joint venture between Comcast and Charter. As part of that joint venture, the new Element Xumo TVs are designed to offer consumers another affordable smart TV option.

For some time now, Xumo has been operating as its own, free to use streaming service. Xumo was acquired by Comcast in 2020, and in early 2022, Charter and Comcast announced plans to work together to develop a new, next-generation streaming platform. In November of 2022, Charter and Comcast confirmed Xumo as the brand name for the new streaming platform.

As part of the new lineup of Xumo-branded streaming devices, Comcast and Charter today announced that a selection of 4K Ultra HD smart TVs will be available to buy in the US later this year. Sold as Element Xumo TVs, these devices are designed to “offer consumers an affordable and innovative smart TV with an integrated interface and voice remote.”

While the announcement confirms the arrival of these Element Xumo TVs in 2023, firm details on when they will go on sale were not provided. Likewise, size and pricing information was not disclosed either, with the announcement simply explaining that “Element Xumo TVs will launch in select U.S. retail locations in a range of sizes and price points later in 2023.”

Once again, these Element Xumo TVs appear to only be part of a much wider selection of 4K streaming devices and smart TVs that will launch under the Xumo banner. In addition to the newer devices, Comcast and Charter previously confirmed that existing devices will also be rebranded as Xumo products, and this includes Xfinity XClass TV and Xfinity Flex devices.

As part of the same rebrand, the existing Xumo free streaming app underwent its own name-change and is now called Xumo Play. The free streaming app is already available to download under the new name on a variety of third-party platforms and devices. Xumo Play is also expected to come preinstalled on new Xumo streaming players and smart TVs, including Element Xumo TVs when they launch later this year.

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