British Channel 4 Enters The US With Two New FAST Channels

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If you’re a fan of British shows and content from Channel 4, then you’ll be happy to know that the broadcaster is now launching its first ever international channels in the US.


For those unfamiliar with Channel 4, this is one of the UK’s main terrestrial channels, and offers access to a number of popular British shows and sitcoms including Countdown, Father Ted, Gogglebox, Peep Show, Queer As Folk, Shameless, and This Is England, among others.

Now, hundreds of hours of Channel 4 content, alongside other UK programming, is becoming available for free to millions of people in the US, through the launch of two new Channel 4 channels.


The two channels are 4 Adventure and 4 Emergency, and both are becoming available through a variety of free, ad-supported services, following new deals with Tubi, Plex and Xumo Play.

As the name suggests, 4 Adventure features reality and documentary programs centered around survival challenges and endurance, including Shipwrecked and The Island With Bear Grylls.

Likewise, 4 Emergency features programming centered around the frontline of British health and emergency response systems, including 24 Hours In A&E, Emergency Helicopter Medics, Emergency Rescue: Air, Land & Sea and Paramedics: On The Frontline (also known as 999: On The Frontline in the UK).


Launching our first ever international channels is a pivotal moment for Channel 4 and opens up a huge range of exciting possibilities,” said Alex Wall, Channel 4’s Head of Streaming Editorial, UK & International. “These channels will introduce US audiences to popular shows that embody our core brand values, bringing Channel 4’s unique tone of voice and our rich British culture to the US FAST market.”

According to the announcement, this is just the beginning, with Channel 4 also now expected to launch additional FAST channels in the US in the future. The broadcaster also made clear that it anticipates making further announcements of similar deals with other platforms later this year as well.

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