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Cinedigm Acquires Christian Cinema, Will Combine With Dove Channel


Christian Cinema app

Cinedigm has confirmed it has now acquired the Christian Cinema streaming platform and that it plans to combine it with Dove Channel. The announcement also confirmed that Cinedigm has acquired the movie review website as well.

According to Cinedigm, these acquisitions will further help the company in its goal to become “the premier provider of Faith & Family content.”

Christian Cinema is not a streaming service in itself, but a one-stop shop for renting and purchasing Christian movies and TV shows. In contrast, Dove Channel is a subscription service that unlocks access to family-friendly and Christian-based content for as little as $4.99 per month.

In this sense, the combining of the two services seems like a fairly natural and expansive move. While the subscription-based Dove Channel will continue to operate as it is, Christian Cinema will most likely act as a TVOD arm to that service offering on-demand access when wanted. On top of this, integration will then add an editorial layer.

This would seem to be fairly similar to what Cinedigm has recently done with its Cineverse streaming service.

After initially launching Cineverse as a subscription-based streaming platform, Cinedigm then added the option to rent movies including many that are still in theaters. On the surface, Cineverse now seems to be in the process of recreating the same model with Dove Channel.

Dove Channel was originally created back in 2015 as a joint effort between Cinedigm and Due to this, not much is expected to fundamentally change with this latest announcement, beyond the three different services becoming much more integrated and richer in the process.

Naturally, the move also goes some way in strengthening Cinedigm’s position within the Faith & Family market.

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