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DirecTV Stream Subscribers Can Watch MGM Plus For Free Through Jan. 22

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DirecTV Stream subscribers can watch MGM Plus for free through January 22nd, 2023. While MGM Plus might sound like a new streaming service, it is actually just a rebrand of Epix. The service officially changed its name and look last week, and this free preview is likely to be part of a wider attempt to bring attention to the MGM Plus change and what the service offers.

Sling TV is also currently offering a free preview of MGM Plus, although its subscribers have been given a longer free period. Sling TV’s free MGM Plus preview began on Jan. 15 and also runs through Jan. 22, resulting in a full week of free streaming of MGM Plus movies and shows.

In contrast, DirecTV Stream’s free MGM Plus preview only went live today (Jan. 19) and will remain available through Sunday (Jan. 22), resulting in four days of free access. During this time, DirecTV Stream subscribers can tune in and watch any of the movies and shows available with MGM Plus, including the first episode of season 3 of Godfather of Harlem. Episode 2 of season 3 goes live on Sunday (Jan. 22), so subscribers will be able to catch that episode just before the free preview comes to an end.

To get started with DirecTV Stream’s free MGM Plus preview, open the app and scroll down to the MGM+ channel in DirecTV Stream’s guide (channels 558-560). Alternatively, search for MGM+ in the DirecTV app, check out available on-demand titles in the Free Preview Carousel, or visit the MGM+ network page to see everything that’s available to stream for free.

As is typically the case with free previews, subscribers don’t have to manually do anything to either activate or disable the free period as access will be automatically revoked at the end of the free preview. At which point, subscribers that would like to retain access to MGM Plus can add it to their live TV plan for an additional $6 per month.

This free MGM Plus preview comes to an end on January 22nd and that’s the same day the cost of DirecTV Stream increases. Following the price increase, the cheapest DirecTV Stream plan will cost a minimum of $74.99 per month while the most expensive will cost a minimum of $154.99 per month.

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