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All DirecTV Stream Plans To Increase In Price On Jan. 22, 2023


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The cost of a DirecTV Stream subscription is set to increase from next month for both new and existing subscribers. The price rise also affects all of DirecTV Stream’s live TV plans, including the cheapest Entertainment package.

Currently, DirecTV Stream offers four different plans for homes to choose between. Entertainment costs $69.99 per month while Choice increases the cost to $89.99 per month. For those looking for a richer channel lineup, there’s Ultimate at $104.99 per month, and Premier offers the widest selection of channels overall at $149.99 per month.

From next month, the cost of all of these plans will increase further. Entertainment is set to increase by $5 taking the total up to $74.99 per month for the cheapest DirecTV Stream plan. Choice is the cheapest way to get DirecTV Stream with RSNs included and the price of this plan will increase by $10, taking the total to $99.99 per month. Similar to Entertainment, Ultimate and Premier will both increase by $5 each, taking their totals to $109.99 and $154.99 per month, respectively.

These price changes are set to take effect starting from January 22nd, 2023. As is typically the case, this means that the new prices will be in effect on Jan. 22 for those signing up to DirecTV Stream, while existing subscribers will see their price increase on or after January 22nd, depending on their individual billing cycle.

(Jan. 22)

In terms of why DirecTV Stream is increasing its prices again, the service says the cost is being adjusted to reflect “the rising costs of programming.” DirecTV also said that it is experiencing “higher-than-normal inflation across our suppliers.” The company did confirm that existing subscribers who are currently receiving a discount will continue to receive that discount until it expires. At which point, the price of their plan will increase to the new, higher monthly rate.

DirecTV Stream is already one of the more expensive ways to stream live TV over the internet, and these new prices will ensure that the live TV streaming service remains an expensive option moving into 2023. While Hulu Live TV also recently increased its price to $74.99 per month for existing subscribers, the service did manage to keep the price at $69.99 for new users by downgrading the included Disney Plus subscription to an ad-supported version.

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