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DirecTV Stream Preparing To Roll Out Multiple Profiles Support


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It looks like DirecTV is preparing to roll out multiple profiles support to DirecTV Stream users. The change will greatly improve the general user experience in homes where multiple people are sharing the same account.

While it is unclear exactly when profiles will go live for all users, a Reddit user has confirmed the feature is now available to beta testers. In an image shared by the user, the feature appears to be typical of profile support offered by other streaming services, with the ability to select a profile (and create new ones) by clicking on the icon in the top left corner.

In a separate image shared by the same user, DirecTV notes that cross-platform support is not available yet, but will be “very soon.” Whether that’s by the time profile support rolls out to all users remains to be seen.

If profile support is limited to select devices at launch, DirecTV Stream subscribers can expect it to be initially limited to the company’s own Gemini/Osprey devices.

In the past, new features and improvements have tended to roll out to Roku devices after Gemini devices, followed by Fire TV devices and then Android TV devices.

Once available, and a user has created additional profiles, those profiles will mostly be treated like individual accounts, including receiving personalized content recommendations and having access to a library of personal DVR recordings.

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