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DirecTV Stream Goes Live, But Still No Android TV Support

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DirecTV Stream Android TV

DirecTV Stream has now officially launched with the former AT&T TV branding having switched over to DirecTV Stream. The deal which saw AT&T’s various video services, excluding HBO Max, being spun off into a separate company was completed some time ago, but the changeover at the user level was not scheduled to take place until August 26. While the name has now changed, the service hasn’t, and that includes the lack of general support for Android TV devices.

Although DirecTV Stream is the new name, the service has gone through multiple rebrands over the years. First starting out as DirecTV Now, the service eventually changed to AT&T TV Now. However, that was a short-lived change with AT&T TV Now then being absorbed by AT&T TV with the latter then offering both no contract and two-year plans. The two-year option was then dropped and it quickly became clear that DirecTV Stream was going to be the new name. At the same time, a new DirecTV company was created by AT&T and TPG Capital to take over the reigns for AT&T TV, DirecTV, and U-verse.

Today, the service officially made the switch over to the DirecTV Stream branding at the user level. This is not only via the website but also in terms of the apps as well. Those now attempting to download AT&T TV on a device will be redirected to the DirecTV Stream app instead. While the apps have a new name, not much appears to have changed and this includes the lack of support for devices running on Android TV.

For some time now, AT&T TV has had an Android app. After all, the dedicated AT&T TV player, now simply referred to as the ‘DirecTV Stream device’ runs on Android TV. However, the app has largely remained unavailable on other Android TV devices with no option to download from the Google Play Store. That appears to still be the case now. Although the AT&T TV Android app has been updated to DirecTV Stream on the Play Store, the app listing still shows Android TV devices as unsupported, including the Nvidia Shield TV and Chromecast with Google TV.

Likewise, the official device support document has also been updated to reflect the change from AT&T TV to DirecTV Stream, but that also appears to be the extent of the changes, with only phones and tablets listed as officially supported Android devices. The support document does list Chromecast support, but that seems to be only in relation to casting to a Chromecast-enabled device rather than support for the Chromecast with Google TV.

Due to this, it would seem that the change from AT&T TV to DirecTV Stream is not going to result in any immediate or meaningful improvement to device support. Those who were already able to access AT&T TV on their devices will continue to be able to access through DirecTV Stream. Unfortunately, that also means those who were locked out of accessing the service will remain unable to use DirecTV Stream on their preferred devices.

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  1. Agree with all the above I have 3 Sony tv’s all of which I have to use a fire stick to access the DTV app. My investigating is leaning towards Hulu, not only do I pick up a few channel but save 5$ a month. It is a shame between DTV dish and DTV stream I have been customer for 10+ years.

  2. This is absolutely absurd on AT&T & DTVN, why can they not play nicely with android, I think it is time to cancel and go to the competitor which ever one that may be until they get their act together and find a solution to this. I will be advocating to family and friends to cancel their DTV accounts, their little antics isn’t cool anymore from raising bills without notice to now this, 95% of my family has had AT&T/DTV for over 10 yrs but I really hope that will change soon and I hope a lot of other customers also cancel and they start losing money maybe then they will do something about it but knowing them they probably won’t. They won’t make any changes until they see a significant amount of revenue loss, this affects a lot of customers that have Sony and or Samsung tv’s. I don’t understand why competitors can’t just play together for the the sake of their customers, it really upsets me that alot of us customers have been so loyal to these companies throughout all the BS and they just really don’t care, to them it’s like as long as we are paying that bill and putting money in their pockets that’s all that seems to matter to them.

  3. Unreal, I was about to give them a try, but our new SONY Android TV is not supported! And the Android interface (Home screen) is LIGHT YEARS BETTER than the Boring Same Old Tired Roku home menu. What the hell is wrong with 2 major companies who already have an android phone app to not just make a TV app? Even Dish has one! Does anyone know how much the local sports fee, taxes and any other fees are?

    1. Agree, I’ve been a DTVN subscriber for years and I bought an 65″ Android TV (accidently read a site that listed it as accessible on Android TV). I think it’s time to cancel and try you tube tv or competitor.

  4. Just bought 3 new Android TV’s for my rental property and went to find a DTVS app aaaaaaaand…. nothing. It is absurd. Returning the TVs wasn’t an option, so I have now instead canceled my DirecTV Stream subscription. I’ve decided to go with just a few premium services like Netflix and Disney+ with a ton of free channels from Pluto, Xumi, Tubi and Plex. DTVN has always been poorly supported but I have been around since it launched as DirecTV Now; back when the Go Big package was only $35. It’s always been a dumpster fire but I’ve been holding on like a battered bride in hopes it would get better. But even with yet another rebrand and subdividing out the company, it looks like it will continue to be the ignored step-child. So canceling actually felt great. I hope everyone else finds their way out of this neglectful relationship.

  5. It works with a Firestick. I know, shouldn’t be necessary, but it works…. That’s how I’m currently accessing it since we also dumped cable & wanted live sports.

  6. I’ll echo the sentiments of both David and Josh above. Was ready to get DirecTV (Cannot get cable…needed regional sports) but a house full of Sonys (because they’re still the best). They would have A LOT of new customers if they would only get their collective heads out of their you know what…..

    1. Very disappointing someone as big in the market At&t and DirecTv is unable to play nice in the sandbox with the best rated Sony TV. Wish the Rep talking with me would have told me the App doesn’t work on my new Sony Bravia I just bought. Glad there are no contracts.

  7. J Zarlenga Avatar
    J Zarlenga

    When will the Stream App be available on Google TV?

  8. I can’t believe that this is still the case – I am actually ready to subscribe to this service but can’t because I have a house full of Sony TVs. What is wrong with DirecTV? Do they enjoy losing 1mm customers per quarter?

    1. Seriously!? I thought I was taking crazy pills when searching and not finding any DirecTV app results on a Chromecast with Google TV. I was about ready to subscribe to DirecTV over YouTube TV in order to get regional sports channels, but what kind of busted service can’t be bothered to make an app…

  9. Other (IMO, bigger) issues that remain unchanged after the service rebranded today from AT&T TV to DIRECTV Stream:
    – still no PBS stations
    – still no CW and/or MyNetwork TV stations in many markets
    – still no NFL Network, ION, or INSP channels
    – still no national diginets like MeTV, Get TV, Cozi TV, Comet, Circle, etc.
    – cloud DVR still only retains recordings for 90 days and won’t allow more than 30 episodes of a series
    – unlimited cloud DVR still costs an extra $10/mo rather than being included for free
    – still no 4K content
    – still no second-generation custom streaming box
    – still no Hulu or Apple TV apps on their first-gen box
    – same prices that are higher than competitors like YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV and FuboTV

    But hey, they did reduce the offer for free HBO Max with certain packages down from one year to only three months. So you can’t say the new management isn’t making changes!

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