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DirecTV Stream Replaced With A Choice Between Internet And Satellite


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DirecTV is adjusting its branding again. This time the emphasis on streaming has been removed, along with the ‘Stream‘ in DirecTV Stream.

Instead, DirecTV appears to be now focusing more on how it delivers live TV to its customers by offering a choice between signing up to DirecTV Internet (formerly DirecTV Stream) and DirecTV Satellite (formerly DirecTV).

In reality, it doesn’t look like much is fundamentally changing other than the name and how the services are branded. At an identity level, however, this is a fairly major change. By removing Stteam from marketing materials, the company is putting forward a single brand and identity – DirecTV. Once in the process of signing up to the service, the customer is then filtered by whether they’re going to be a satellite or internet customer.

So far, nothing major appears to be changing at the plan level. Those signing up to DirecTV Stream as DirecTV Internet can choose between the same four plans. However, there has been some adjustments to the price. While Ultimate and Premier remain the same price, the starting cost of Entertainment has been lowered to $64.99 per month and the starting price of Choice has dropped to $84.99 per month.

These are starting prices and are subject to additional taxes and fees so some consumers may end up paying a higher price when actually signing up.

Another price-related change to note is that DirecTV is now offering a price guarantee for the next two years. Essentially, anyone signing up can expect to pay the price they sign up at for the next 24 months. While this would be expected with the DirecTV Satellite service, it also applies to the DirecTV Internet service as well.

What is a little troubling, however, is that the DirecTV Internet service does list a caveat stating, “for a limited time, no annual contract required.” This would seem to suggest that signing up to DirecTV Internet (formerly DirecTV Stream) will require a long-term commitment at some point.

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