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Disability Owned Launches As A New And Free Business Channel


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Disability Owned TV is a new and free streaming channel that’s just launched on Roku with the aim to provide business information, news and resources to U.S. business owners with disabilities.

Announced by the nonprofit National Disability Institute (NDI) and the Baltimore-based Boston Media, the channel was created for “aspiring entrepreneurs and the nearly two million business owners in the U.S. with disabilities.”

With access to “original TV shows, curated films, webinars, podcasts and profiles on disability owned businesses and their founders,” the new channel is not only likely to appeal to business owners with a disability, but also those more interested in knowing more about business owners with disabilities.

As present, the Disability Owned live channel is only available to download as an app on compatible Roku players and Roku OS smart TVs. The Roku channel listing advertises the app as offering content that can suit a wide range of people interested in business, including sole proprietors, start-ups, and gig workers, as well as million-dollar business enterprises.

Looking further forward and the plan is for Disability Owned to become available on other platforms and devices in the near future. This includes adding support for Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV living room devices, as well as launching apps for watching on Android and iOS mobile devices.

In the meantime, those without a compatible Roku player or TV do have the option of visiting the Disability Owned website on most devices to watch the live channel or any of the on-demand content.

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