Discovery+ Not On Xfinity X1 or Flex, But It Might Be Soon [Updated]

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Update April 8: Discovery+ Xfinity support is now starting to roll out for Xfinity Flex customers. Xfinity X1 support is also now confirmed to be coming soon, although no firm date has been provided. End of Update

Discovery+ is currently unavailable through Xfinity services, but there has been some recent indications that Discovery+ support might arrive later in the year for Xfinity X1 and Flex customers. Comcast is understood to be working on adding support, but there are likely a number of reasons slowing things down.

Discovery+ is a great option for anyone looking to stream popular networks and shows, and especially for those who want to avoid paying for a live TV subscription. Priced at $4.99 per month with ads or $6.99 per month without, Discovery+ provides access to more than 55,000 episodes of shows from Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, HGTV, ID, and more.

As Discovery+ is still a newer service, it is currently limited on device support with Xfinity devices a prime example. However, that’s not to say support won’t go live in the future. Device support is always a work in progress with these services and new platforms and devices are often added over time, opening up the service to more consumers.

Will Xfinity get Discovery+?

At the moment, it remains unclear when Xfinity customers will gain access to Discovery+ without the need to use a separate device. Comcast has yet to officially confirm a release date or even confirm that support is being worked on.

However, there have been some indications recently that support could go live later in 2021 for select Xfinity customers. For example, a recent reply from the Comcast Cares Twitter account recently suggested Discovery+ could become available on Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex “later this year.” In addition, a comment in the Xfinity forums references a conversation with a company representative who stating the Discovery+ app is due to arrive on the Xfinity platform at “the end of 2021.”

Although these comments don’t represent official confirmation that Discovery+ is going to arrive on Xfinity devices, the limited information coming through does point to an increased likelihood the app will become available, albeit not until much later in 2021.

Why Discovery+ isn’t on Xfinity

Xfinity devices run on the Xfinity platform and operating system. This is different to other major platforms, such as Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Roku. As a result, Xfinity tends to require its own dedicated app and that’s where the current problem might be.

Unless an app is being developed for Xfinity devices then streaming Discovery+ won’t be an option. In general, many popular apps remain unavailable on Xfinity for the same reason, in spite of being commonly available on other platforms. Peacock is an obvious exception here as support for Xfinity devices actually went live long before NBCUniversal’s streaming service became available on other platforms. The reason for this is NBCUniversal and Peacock are owned by Comcast, with the company using Xfinity devices to test the service before it was launched nationwide.

Adding to this, Comcast tends to take care of subscriptions for its customers. In other words, instead of subscribing to a service directly, Xfinity customers usually pay Comcast and Comcast then pays the third-party service.

With situations like this, a deal is usually done between the two companies. With no deal between Comcast and Discovery to carry Discovery+ on the Xfinity platform having been announced, this could be another element slowing down the arrival of the app.

Discovery+ on Xfinity summary

Although Discovery+ is currently unavailable on Xfinity devices, it could be soon. Some recent comments by Comcast’s social media and forum representatives have indicated the support is being worked on and Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex devices could get Discovery+ later in 2021.

The Xfinity platform requiring development of a separate app, as well as the lack of a confirmed deal between Comcast and Discovery to carry the streaming service are likely to be contributing to the delay of Discovery+ on Xfinity.

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10 replies on “Discovery+ Not On Xfinity X1 or Flex, But It Might Be Soon [Updated]”

If I signed up for discovery+ and it is not available do I still have to pay for this. when I talk into the voice controller it takes me there but all of the shows have commercials like regular T.V show’s was told that we have to wait for it to come to Xfinity ??

I have discovery+ on my phone and tablet and it work great to stream it to my tvs put after the trial period I sign up for the service and now I can not stream it from my phone or my tablet to my tvs

All I know is it really aggravates me that as a longtime Xfinity customer I no longer have access to many of the regular shows I was watching for years as part of my Xfinity package because they moved over to this Discovery+ streaming service. Now not only do I have to wait for who knows how long to get the service, but I have to pay extra a month for shows I used to have as part of my regular service! GREED!!

There are non of us who appreciate paying exorbitant fees for cable and internet . Yet we have come to appreciate the excellent dependable service Xfinity has provided. Just hoping that you will hastily add discovery plus to your line up!

Very disappointed with Comcast for not being able to watch the shows that were included in the lineup for years without paying more. Those of us living on a fixed income and already paying way too much for cable cannot afford to pay extra to watch the shows we use to be able to watch.

Its wasnt comcast who made this decision it was Discovery who took it all over to the app. I havent been able to watch any of the new ghost adventures I am very upset as I had watched from their first season

I am very disappointed that I cannot watch Paranormal: caught on camera. It was my favorite show on my Xfinity cable service, on the Travel channel. I pay $300 per month currently. I am so close to closing my account because of not getting any value for my hard earned money. Can’t someone please get this available to current subscribers, WITHOUT charging us more $$$$ ????

When will Comcast x1 have discovery plus I am pay for it on my iPad and iPhones
4.99 months
It’s should be free
Not Fair pay 4.99 months to watch same stuff already on tv
Won be on the Samsung’s tvs
Been waiting better on big screen
Then little

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