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Does Vidgo Offer A Free Trial? No, Not Usually


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Vidgo is one of a few live TV streaming services that homes can sign up to, but it doesn’t currently offer a free trial. Unlike some of the other options, those signing up for one of Vidgo’s live TV plans will be expected to pay the first monthly amount when creating an account, and before getting access to the service.

Vidgo offers three main plans for consumers to choose from with the cheapest priced at $59.95 per month. At this price, Vidgo is a cheaper alternative to DirecTV Stream, fuboTV, Hulu Live TV, and YouTube TV. For $60, subscribers get access to more than 100 live TV channels, and for those homes that want even more channels, there’s the option to upgrade from Plus to Premium or Ultimate.

Regardless of whether signing up to the Plus, Premium, or Ultimate live TV package, Vidgo doesn’t currently offer a free trial. The live TV service has offered free trials in the past so it is possible that one could become available at any time. In the meantime, there is no way for new users to test Vidgo out before signing up. Instead, new subscribers are expected to add a payment method when creating an account, and make the first payment in advance.

While free trials are a great way to test out a service before having to pay, Vidgo isn’t the only live TV service to no longer offer a free period. Hulu Live TV has also stopped offering new users an option to try for free, and while Sling TV does offer a free trial from time to time, it is far more common to find that new subscribers have to pay for the first month when signing up.

Consider starting with Vidgo’s Plus plan

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Considering Vidgo doesn’t offer a free trial, it may be best to start off with the Plus plan, as this is the cheapest live TV package on offer. If a subscriber feels that Vidgo is the right service for them after giving Plus a try, they can then decide on whether they want to upgrade to Premium or Ultimate to unlock the additional channels.

Outside of the channels, there are no major differences between the three plans While Vidgo technically only offers an unlimited cloud DVR with the Premium and Ultimate plans, a DVR is included with Plus for the first 90 days. If the option to record is important, those signed up to the Plus plan will need to consider upgrading to one of the more expensive plans before the end of the 90-day period.

Otherwise, new subscribers can expect to get a good understanding of what Vidgo has to offer with Plus, including the level of device support that’s on offer. This is particularly important as it is only worth signing up to a live TV service if it supports the devices most commonly used in a home. Speaking of which, Vidgo doesn’t offer the ability to sign up for a subscription through many of its apps, so users will probably want to check device support before signing up through the Vidgo website and paying for a subscription. As long as the main devices in a home are supported, the subscriber can use their login details to access the service after creating an account online.

Vidgo free trial summary

Vidgo doesn’t offer a free trial, but that could change in the future and either on a long-term or limited-time basis. In the absence of a free trial, those thinking about giving this live TV service a try may want to consider starting off with the cheapest plan. At $59.95 per month, Plus is the cheapest package available and unlocks access to more than 100 live TV channels. An unlimited cloud DVR is also included in the price, but only for the first 90 days.

Providing a home finds the channel lineup to their liking, and device support also isn’t an issue, then there won’t be any need to make any changes. If wanting access to more channels after testing out Plus, an upgrade to Elite ($79.95 per month) or Ultimate ($99.99 per month) might be worth considering. Alternatively, it might be time to think about trying a different live TV streaming service altogether.

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