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Frame Ads Are Coming To The Weather Channel, Local Now And HBCU Go


Frame Ad example on The Weather Channel with an ad wrapping around the live feed.

Allen Media Group has confirmed Frame ads are coming to The Weather Channel, Local Now, and HBCU Go connected TV apps. While Frame ads are less intrusive than traditional ad breaks, they also make it easier to add adverts to content where an ad isn’t typically encountered.

Unlike traditional ads, Frame ads do not interrupt content. Instead, they temporarily reduce the size of the video window and then wrap the window in some form of an ad. Consumers may have already seen this type of ad format in use in recent years and especially when watching live sports.

Considering weather coverage is another area where it might not always be opportune to run an ad break, Frame ads offer advertisers another way to run an ad without interrupting a live broadcast. This is essentially what Allen Media Group has announced today, with The Weather Channel due to begin offering Frame ads to advertisers.

Frame ads not only reinforce brand messaging but also provide opportunities for interactivity and highlight shoppable moments within programming,” said Byron Allen, Founder/Chairman/CEO of Allen Media Group. “Our AMG streaming apps are now well-positioned to lead the way in creating a premium, next generation viewing environment, representing a major expansion of possibilities for brands to creatively and non-disruptively integrate their messaging into programming moments that matter most to targeted streaming audiences.”

Along with The Weather Channel, Local Now and HBCU Go users can also expect to begin seeing the use of Frame ads on a more regular basis. In all three cases, BrightLine will be providing the technology powering this CTV ad experience.

We’re excited to partner with Allen Media Group in bringing the next generation of advertising experiences to viewers,” said Robert Aksman, President of BrightLine. “Our cutting-edge streaming ad technology, combined with Allen Media Group’s commitment to innovation, allows advertisers to engage with audiences in new and impactful ways, seamlessly integrated into their viewing experience.”

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